Bardiya National Park Tour Package


3 Days






Best Season

Spring & Autumn




Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner

Trip Highlight:

  • One of the largest national parks in the lowland of Nepal.
  • Explore the Untouched wilderness in the terai region of Nepal.
  • Thrilling experience while rafting in Bheri and Karnali.
  • Amazing sunset and sunrise view from Karnali river.
  • Encounter the rarest wildlife Dolphin in Karnali river.
  • Visit the Tharu community and learn about their lifestyle.
  • See the most beautiful architect in the nation who is over 500 years old.
  • One location to view over 20 different species of reptiles.
  • In the ideal time of year, there are many possibilities to see tigers in Bardia National Park.
  • Elephant riding, Jeep Safari, Fishing, Bird-watching, and Nature walks.


Bardiya National Park Tour Package 

The Bardia National Park tour package is designed for wildlife adventure and cultural tours in Nepal. The largest uninhabited wilderness area in Nepal’s Terai region is Bardia National Park. Bardiya, which spans 968 sq. km. and is covered in beautiful woodland and grasslands, is thought to be the habitat of one-horned rhinoceroses and the Royal Bengal tiger.

One of the national parks where a wildlife safari can be best enjoyed in Bariya National Park in the western plains of Nepal. Bariya National Park is not as well-known as Chitwan National Park because of its isolation. Exploring the fauna in the national park is given a fantastic opportunity by this.

Nepal Bardia National Park tour offers to encounter endangered animals like One-horn Rhino, Royal Bengal tiger, and Wild elephant. The tiger number are increasing after their demise during the Maoist insurgency when poaching increased due to inadequate protection. As well as tigers, there are also populations of wild elephants and one-horned rhinos among the 30 species of mammals living here. Some others animals found in parks are swamp deer, blackbuck, and Gharial.

The recreation area of the Bardia National Park tour provides the opportunity to fish in the Karnali and Babai rivers. You can see the rare Genetic Dolphin in the Karnali River. Several safari lodges in Bardiya provide wonderful accommodations and services for visitors to enjoy outdoor activities. Nepalgunj and Mahendranagar are the nearest cities from here, and it takes around an hour to travel to Thakurdwara on the Nepalgunj-Surkher road.

In the Bardia Jungle, Vehicle Nepal offers programs for 3 nights, 4 days, and 4 nights, 5 days. Spending more days doing additional things will lengthen your itinerary. Some popular activities during your vacation to Bardia include a Jeep safari, rafting, a bicycle tour through a village, and fishing in the Karnali River. Another great alternative for those looking for this notion is volunteering and visiting an ethnic Tharu village.

Activities in Bardia National Park Tour 

Elephant Safari

The most popular activity in Bardia National Park is riding elephants. An elephant safari is one of the best ways to interact with wildlife up close. You can get near elephants from a distance of up to one meter since they can approach animals without the animals realizing there are people riding on their backs. You are led inside the safe space. It is a thrilling experience to be able to witness wild animals and plants while on an elephant safari.

Jeep Safari

A Jeep Safari is one of the best ways to see the wildlife of Bardia National Park. The jeep safari is renowned for being an exciting trip through the lush grasslands, tall trees, hardwood Sal woodlands, and magnificent animals. As the quickest method of having a safari adventure, it allows guests to get a quick and close-up look at the park’s plants and animals. Also, because it covers such a large region at once, the Jeep Safari is great for bird-watching.

Culture show

The settlements are home to numerous ethnically varied communities, with the Tharus being the main tourist attraction. The dance performed by Tharu, one of the original inhabitants of Bardia, will tell the tale of their history, culture, traditions, and beliefs, including those of Hurdunguwa, the traditional stick dance, and other things. The guests are invited to dance with the dancers once the dance is over.

Fishing tour

Fishermen can take pleasure in fishing on the Karnali, Babai, or Bheri rivers, which provide a variety of excellent sites for catching catfish and mahseer. The months of October through November and February through May are the prime fishing months.

A one-day rafting trip or jeep safari can be combined with fishing on the Geruwa river, or you can go fishing on the upper Karnali river close to the Chisapani bridge. On the lovely Babai River, multi-day fishing and rafting trips are possible. We can arrange for you to have fishing licenses and equipment. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own fishing equipment.

Rafting at Karnali river

While rafting, you have the excellent opportunity to observe wildlife along the riverbanks, including the endangered Gangetic River dolphin.

On the Karnali, Geruwa, and Babai rivers inside and beyond the park, we offer tours lasting an hour, an entire day, or several days. There are a few rapids in these rivers, but the water generally flows calmly. This makes it the ideal tour for observing wildlife and birds. When the water level is high enough, rafting expeditions on the lower Karnali river inside the park are often feasible from mid-June through the end of October. Along the upper Karnali and Bheri rivers, rafting is another option.

Bird watching tour

With the critically endangered Bengal florican and Sarus crane, Bardiya is home to more than 400 different bird species. On a jungle hike or rafting tour where we stop at locations near the river banks, you can see birds the best. You may also locate the lakes and marshes of “Godha Godhi tal,” “Badhaiya tal,” and “Satakhaluwa wetland forest” in the region, which provide lots of opportunities to view diverse species. The ideal months to see birds are September, November, February, and April.

Blackbuck Conservation area

The blackbuck conservation area is located nearby Gulariya, the district’s capital city, and is home to about 200 blackbucks, an antelope species. The 15.95 km2 area was created in 2009 to protect the blackbuck, an endangered animal. You can get to this conservation area via jeep from your hotel/lodge.  You can take a variety of walking trails from there, where you can easily view blackbuck.


  • Day 1- Arrival in Bardia National Park

    Welcome to Bardia. Our staff will escort you from the Nepalgunj airport/ tourist bus park to your respective hotel. After refreshing the hotel, you can explore the Tharu community. They have their own culture, tradition, dress, language, food, and living style which you can explore. Then take you to the Elephant breeding center and enjoy the sunset view from the bank of Karnali river. Overnight in Lodge.

  • Day 2- Full day activities

    Wake-up early morning and have breakfast. After that engage in adventure activities for a full day. A wonderful chance to witness wild animals in the wild, including tiny mammals and birds. Together with unobtrusive outdoor sightseeing, our knowledgeable naturalists and wildlife trackers will be waiting for us in a tower (Machan). Tiger tracking and bird watching for half a day. Bardia National Park provides a fantastic opportunity to witness a Royal Bengal Tiger and a huge variety of bird species. The lunch will be a packed lunch. There are several fantastic photo options. Overnight in Lodge.

  • Day 3- Final Departure

    Early in the morning, have yourself breakfast. Inside the Bardia National Park, where you can see endangered creatures like the Royal Bengal tiger, one-horned rhino, and other wild wildlife, you’ll go elephant riding. After lunch, you’ll be dropped off at the airport or a tourist bus park depending on where you’re going next.

  • Day 1- Arrival in Bardia National Park

    Welcome to Bardia. Our staff will escort you from the Nepalgunj airport/ tourist bus park to your respective hotel. After refreshing the hotel, you can explore the Tharu community. They have their own culture, tradition, dress, language, food, and living style which you can explore. Then take you to the Elephant breeding center and enjoy the sunset view from the bank of Karnali river.

  • Day 2- Full day activities

    On your second day, your day starts after breakfast. Today you get a wonderful chance to observe wildlife, including tiny mammals and birds. Together with our knowledgeable naturalists and wildlife tracker, we will also wait on a tower (Machan) for unobtrusive nature sightseeing. Birdwatching and Tiger Tracking for a Half Day. Bardia National Park offers visitors a fantastic opportunity to observe a Royal Bengal Tiger and a huge variety of bird species. There will be a packed lunch offered. There are plenty of excellent picture chances. Overnight in lodge

  • Day 3- Jeep Safari, Canoeing, and Elephant riding

    Following breakfast, you’ll engage in wild activities like Elephant riding, Canoeing, and visit the Crocodile breeding center which is at the entrance of the National Park. Jeep Safari will take you inside the deep jungle of Bardia National Park. You will encounter the Royal Bengal tiger, and many other wild animals. You will also see other small animals which are the habitat in Bardia. During the safari, packed lunch will be provided inside the jungle which you can enjoy with nature. Overnight in lodge

  • Day 4- Final Day

    After breakfast, our representative will escort you airport/bus stop according to your departure time.

  • Day 1- Arrival in Bardiya National Park

    Welcome to Bardia. Our representative will escort you from the Nepalgunj airport/ tourist bus park to your respective hotel. After refreshing the hotel, you can explore the Tharu community. They have their own culture, tradition, dress, language, food, and living style which you can explore. Then take you to the Elephant breeding center and enjoy the sunset view from the bank of Karnali river. Overnight in Lodge.

  • Day 2- Explore Bardiya

    After eating breakfast, you’ll explore the Bardia National Park. At this stunning national park, an adventurous trip is currently waiting for you. You can easily look out over the tall grasslands and possibly see some wild animals while safely seated on an elephant’s back, or you can explore a crocodile breeding facility. The Tharu Museum also preserves many fascinating details about this extraordinary Terai culture. You can also take a walk through the jungle where you can completely immerse your senses in this serene scene. Overnight in Lodge

  • Day 3- Tiger Tracking and Bird-watching

    Following breakfast, again you’ll explore Bardia National Park. This is another day when you can enjoy your wildlife adventure in Bardia because you’re going on a significant nature walking and bird-watching tour. It will be a busy day for you as a lover of wildlife. We anticipated being really excited when we encountered the wildlife in the Sahara. Overnight in lodge

  • Day 4- Jeep Safari and tiger tracking

    After breakfast, you’ll take part in adventurous activities like riding elephants, canoeing, and seeing the crocodile breeding facility near the park’s entrance. Bardia National Park’s dense forest can be explored on a Jeep Safari. Several more exotic animals as well as the Royal Bengal tiger will be there. Many little animals that live in Bardia’s ecosystem will also be visible. You will be given a packed lunch to eat in the jungle throughout the safari so you can commune with nature. Overnight in lodge

  • Day 5- Final Day; Karnali Dolphin Sightseeing and Departure

    Today, you travel to the Karnal River for a tour and a look at the Dolphins. Only in Karnali river dolphin can be seen. After spending a fantastic amount of time in the wilderness of Bardia, you will be driven to the airport/ bus stop according to your next destination.

Essential info:


Quality lodging with a wide range of amenities including A/C, heaters, hot/cold showers, comfy beds, and electrical outlets. We provide a selection of hotels and resort that range from deluxe to luxurious and are rated from one to three stars. We can also provide a budget hotel and resort as per your preference.


Vehicle Nepal gives the best transport service for Bardiya National Park packages by Land and air. Barida National Park is 376km away from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, and 238km away from Pokhara.

By flight

We are an authorized travel sales agent of domestic and international flight booking systems. Nepalgunj Airport is the only domestic airport located near Bardia National Park. Nepalgunj airport is 366km away from Kathmandu and 227km away from Pokhara. The duration of flight is 50min.

By Land 

Vehicle Nepal arranges all kinds of land transportation by luxury Car Bus Jeep Toyota hiace during the Bardia National Park tour. According to your group member or distance, we can provide different vehicles. Our representative will come to receive or drop you off at the Ambassa Bus stop.



Enjoy delicious cuisine in Bardiya, which includes Nepali, Indian, continental, and Chinese cuisines prepared by talented chefs and spiced with organic ingredients. We take you to fine eateries that have a calm environment and stunning views of the surroundings.

People from the Tharu community live in Bardia. Hence, you can eat traditional Tharu fare including fish, crab, snails, wild mushrooms, Dhikri, Pakuwa, Bagiya, and many more. The locals cook these foods while keeping cleanliness.


Normally, we provide 2-night 3-day, 3-night 4-day, and 4-night 5-day itineraries to our guests. Yet, some people spend more than a week touring Bardia and its surroundings. You will need at least a week to experience the majority of Bardia’s attractions. As per our guest’s requirements, we can customize the itinerary.

The Bardia National tour package is costly compared to the Chitwan National Park tour package. The price differs according to your itinerary, accommodation, transportation, and group. If your group is in a big size, then the cost will be low. 

It’s not mandatory to get travel insurance for a trip to Bardia. Travel insurance is recommended but not required for the Bardia tour. On the worst day, anything can go wrong. So, you can also insure against that. Yet up to this point, there haven’t been any such accidents, and we hope there won’t be in the future either.

Though It’s not compulsory to hire a guide during the Bardia National Park tour, highly recommend hiring a knowledgeable and professional guide who makes your trip more informative and secure during the wildlife tour. 

Elephant riding, Canoeing, Jeep Safari, Bird watching, Tharu Culture show, Fishing, and Nature walking are the activities available on the Bardia National Park tour.

Bardia National Park is home to endangered species like One-horn Rhino, the Royal Bengal tiger, and Ghariyal. You’ll encounter the Royal Bengal tiger more here. You will experience a completely new forest vibe from it, from the elephant feeding to the jungle safari. 

A wide range of accommodations is available during the West Nepal tour package. You’ll be accommodated in a deluxe to a luxurious hotel and also a budget hotel as per your preference. Homestay is also available during the Bardia tour package.

By domestic flight, go to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu or Pokhara (50 minutes).  Daily departures. The most practical method is for us to pick you up in a jeep in Nepalgunj (2-hour drive). The bus takes 2.5 to 3 hours to get to Ambassa or Thakurdwara, although it doesn’t run very frequently.

The Royal Bengal tiger, wild elephant, bigger one-horned rhinoceros, swamp deer, and black buck are among the endangered species that call the park home. The Gangetic dolphin and the gharial and marsh mugger crocodile are among the other endangered species which are the special features of Bardia National Park. 

This is a list of the main plant types found in the park: Sal Around 70% of the park’s territory is covered in shorea robusta forest, which thrives on well-drained uplands. These plants are frequently found in this vegetation type: S. robusta, Terminalia sp., Buchanania latifolia, Carrya arboria, and Dillenia pentagyna.

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