Car Rental for Corporate Trip in Nepal

Car Rental for Corporate Trip in Nepal 

Vehicle Nepal is one of the most renowned companies in terms of renting vehicles in Nepal as it offers car rental for corporate trips in Nepal. Kathmandu Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini are the major cities where we have been providing car rentals for decades and have been successful in gaining our customer’s trust.

At Vehicle Nepal, we provide car rental services that are car rental for seminars, car rental for VIP meetings, car rental for disposal business meetings, and car rental for corporate tours. A car may also be used by NGO/INGO. By eliminating road traffic and transportation issues, you can also utilize it for long trips, sightseeing, and many more.

Car rental for corporate trips in Nepal package offers different kinds of packages like hour-based packages or daily-based packages. Free yourself from fussing about traveling in the public vehicle for your travel inside or out of the valley.

Here, we are your trustworthy partner for your safe and smooth traveling. Our company offers a well-mannered car with an experienced driver at competitive rates according to your desired vehicle for rent, for your stress-free journey. We have different varieties of cars like Swift Dezire, Vitara Brezza, Hyundai Creta, and Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

Nowadays car rental services in Nepal have become trending, with the modernization in the digital world and lifestyle, people have been in search of comfortable vehicles from their homes with advanced technology. You can choose the cars for your desired needs and wants. Our services are popular for corporate tours and other business meetings as well. We promise our customers to provide the best condition vehicle for the customer’s safety.

Vehicle Nepal is a legally recognized business that Graceful Adventure manages, the top online car rental company in Nepal. Our company is one of the best companies for car rental for corporate services in Nepal. Traveling in your comfort zone and being stress-free throughout your journey is a priority aspect in everyday hectic days. Leave your worries to us and enjoy your journey with a reliable car rental service in Nepal.

Our company-dedicated team has been providing service to customers in renting cars, providing well-experienced vehicle operators that ensure you travel without any worry and make your journey memorable. With car rental for corporate trips, you can begin your journey with the belief as it is one of our top properties is customer safety. Fulfilling the basic needs of travelers and coping with customer satisfaction is the main motive of our company.


Services of car rental for corporate trips in Nepal

• Corporate Car rental trip for seminar
• Corporate Car rental for VIP meetings
• Corporate Car rental for disposal business meetings
• Corporate Car rental for corporate tour

Corporate Car rental for the seminar:

Vehicle Nepal is one of the most trustworthy and well-known car rental services in Nepal. We have been in this field for a long period and coping with the customer’s needs and desires. Our company offers hourly and daily cars for rent for seminar purposes. Car rental for seminars is available for small and big organizations as well. We understand your business importance so does your seminar and here we are to provide well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers.

Corporate Car rental for VIP meetings:

Traveling in a public vehicle for your VIP meetings doesn’t seem eye-appealing. To maintain your standard for attending VIP meetings you can rent a car that helps to reach your destination like a VIP person in the proper time and in full style. Vehicle Nepal is there for you respecting your valuable time for your Important meeting and promising you the best car available according to your needs and desired cars.

Corporate Car rental for disposal business meetings:

Our company has been organizing car rental services in Nepal for a long period. Car rental for business meetings has been popular these days as it helps in maintaining your standards and reaching your destination in punctual timing. We offer you a variety of cars according to your needs and the capacities of people. Both hourly and daily packages are available for your business meetings.

Corporate Car rental for a corporate tour:

Vehicle Nepal as a car rental agency offers cars for both small and big organizations. It is one of the best car rental services in Nepal offering you a well-maintained car and an experienced driver to your important day. You can choose the car according to your needs and the capacity of the organization. During every ride, you get the assurance of a clean and hygienic car so choose Vehicle Nepal for your important day.

Available fleet with Vehicle Nepal

Vehicle Nepal is one of the most well-known names in the field of car rental agencies in Nepal. We have been providing quality services for over a decade to our customers and becoming one of their trustworthy partners while traveling. Our company has a variety of vehicles which you can choose according to your needs and budget. Some of the vehicles are listed below.


Jeep is one of the most popular transportation in terms of comfort and looks. There are mainly two types of jeeps in Nepal i.e., conventional jeeps and four-wheeler jeeps. A jeep has the capacity of six to eight people excluding the driver seat. We have a variety of jeeps that you can choose from like the Toyota Land Cruiser, Suzuki Jimny, and Mahendra Scorpio. Jeeps are mostly used in the urban areas of Nepal having rough roads. With the four-wheeler jeeps you can travel off-road whether it’s full of gravel or muddy road.

Jeeps help you reach your destination in any part of Nepal ignoring the road condition and also helps in reaching your destination on time. We provide jeeps with professional drivers with licenses having the best knowledge of road conditions so you can be worry-free and enjoy your ride.


Vehicle Nepal offers car rental services for corporate trips in Nepal. A car is one of the most flexible and standard means of transportation for your important days. The car has the capacity of three to four customers excluding driver seats which is mostly used for small group or organizations.

From Vehicle Nepal you can choose the car of your desire, as we have a variety of cars like sedans, SUVs, Toyota, and Suzuki. While renting a car your travel can be hassle-free and safe rather than waiting for a public vehicle and dealing with crowds as well as it helps in saving your precious time.


Bus rent service is the best choice for large groups of organizations, large corporate groups, and so on. We offer different varieties of buses like minibus and luxury buses according to the capacity of the people. These buses are best for large group organizations and parties. The bus has the capacity of more than thirty to forty people at a time.

Renting a bus for any of your business tours is convenient for large groups of people and organizations. Our company provides you with a well-maintained bus with AC and comfortable seats and a clean bus at your services that has a huge capacity for your luggage as well.

SUV Car:

If you are looking for an SUV car to rent for your business purposes look no other than Vehicle Nepal. Our company is one of the best agencies to rent transportation. We provide SUV cars including Mahendra Scorpio and Toyota Fortuner for your smooth journey. SUV cars are the best choice for small groups of organization or business parties as it has the capacity of four to five people excluding driver seats.

Vehicle Nepal offers you a well-maintained and experienced driver with knowledge of road conditions so you can have hassle hassle-free journey. SUV cars are especially for smooth roads and you can book the car hourly or for the full day.


Van is another great option for traveling. Van has a spacious room for 12 to 14 people that are suitable for medium groups of people. We provide vans including Toyota and Nissan Van as you can choose as you desire. Vans are especially comfortable for groups of people and there is a place for your extra luggage as well.

Our company promises to provide well-maintained vehicles and experienced vehicle operators with well-known road conditions. While renting a van you can travel without stress and enjoy your journey. We offer the best and most trustworthy Van with Vehicle Nepal while traveling.

Why Vehicle Nepal car rental for a corporate trip

Vehicle Nepal is one of the most popular and reliable agencies for renting a vehicle for various purposes as it is one of the renowned companies for renting vehicles in Nepal. Vehicle Nepal car rental for corporate trips is demanding in these present days as our Company has been in this industry for more than a decade and provides quality services for the customers through which we have been successful in maintaining the trust of the customers. Providing you with well-maintained vehicles as well as cooperation and having a great experience is our main motive as a car rental agency company.

Our company has a variety of vehicles according to your needs and road conditions as well. We have been providing vehicles in their best condition with a facility of AC and comfortable seats. Vehicle Nepal offers convenient and safe travels seeking luxury, comfort, and style. The company’s commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction is the main motivation for running our business for this long period. You can be assured with Vehicle Nepal while traveling and enjoy your journey. Our Company ensures easy going throughout your journey without any difficulties.