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Spring & Autumn


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Trip Highlight:

  • Take a scenic flight to the gorgeous Gosaikunda Lake from Kathmandu.
  • The peaceful surroundings of Gosaikunda.
  • Lord Shiva is still said to be meditating inside the lake, according to legend.
  • Flight above the Langtang National Park is mesmerizing.
  • 360° Cinematic panoramas of the Langtang Mountain Range.
  • Delicious breakfast at Gosaikunda Lake with amazing views.
  • Pristine oak and Pine woodlands with blossoming rhododendrons.
  • Mountain range’s highest points, include Mt. Langtang and Mt. Lirung.


The Gosaikunda Helicopter tour is the quickest and most convenient way to travel to Gosainkunda and the surrounding area. A high alpine freshwater oligotrophic lake with a surface area of 13.8 hectares, Gosainkunda is located in the Langtang National Park at an elevation of 4,380 meters above sea level. The Rasuwa district, which is in the northern portion of Kathmandu and close to the border with Tibet, is where this lake is located. It is sometimes referred to as the “frozen lake” since it is frozen from October to June throughout the winter.

A helicopter tour to Gosaikunda offers to explore the sacred pilgrimage in Nepal. Gosaikunda has been known for its holy spa since ancient times. Hindu mythology holds that Lord Shiva constructed this location in order to comfort his painful throat after ingesting poison.

Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims believe that Lord Shiva still exists today and that taking a holy bath in this lake will wash away their sins and sorrows and ensure that they will enter Heaven after death. There are 9 Kunda surrounding this lake, including Bhairab Kunda, Ganesh Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, and others. During the Jani Purnima festival, where thousands of pilgrims go from all over the world, the holy water of this Gosainkunda is very significant.

The Ramayana and Mahabharata epics, which refer to the lake as Samundra Manthan, are deeply connected to the origin of Gosaikunda. According to Hindu mythology, Shiva and Gauri’s residence was at Gosaikunda. During Gangadashahara and Janai Purnima, two significant Hindu festivals, people from various parts of Nepal and India travel to Gosaikunda to worship at the site.

It is thought that the lake was created when Lord Shiva pushed his Trishul (Trident of Shiva) into the mountain to draw water out of it to comfort his burning throat after ingesting poison. According to pilgrims, taking water from Gosainkunda Lake prevents lifelong bodily harm.

The Gosaikunda Heli Tour offers panoramic views of a variety of mountains, including the Shisapangma, Ganesh Himal, and Manaslu Himalayan ranges, as well as the lovely surroundings of Langtang National Park. Because of the ecological richness in this area, there are many different kinds of vegetation. Those who don’t have a high level of physical fitness are nonetheless able to participate in this excursion.

Heli ride to Gosaikunda is the least expensive in comparison to the Everest and Annapurna helicopter tours. A 30-minute stop is allowed at the shore of the lake so visitors can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and holy baths. The Gosainkunda Helicopter Tour lasts for two hours in total; however, the itinerary is flexible. This excursion can also be combined with Heli tours to Everest and Annapurna.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour begins from the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu. It takes around an hour to get from Kathmandu to Gosaikunda. After a brief introduction of our captains and other required safety information, takeoff is initiated. They will also provide you with instructions on how to handle a crisis.

Following the briefing, the helicopter departs, leaving the runway in its path, and moves toward the north. Within a few minutes of takeoff, we enter Langtang National Park as we soar over Kathmandu’s crowded city. After circling above the scattered Tamang villages and flying next to the enormous, lush green hills, we will arrive at Gosaikunda Lake in about 15 to 17 minutes.

At 4,380 meters above sea level, at Gosaikunda, we will touch down to the backdrop of the enormous Langtang mountain range. Spending more than 30 minutes could lead to altitude sickness because we would have gone to 4,000+m in under half an hour. It is extremely unlikely, though. We, therefore, begin exploring the area to make the most of our brief window of opportunity.

You may let go of everything and just be present at the moment at Gosaikunda Lake because it appears unreal and creates a calming vibe. The enormous Langtang range of mountains will be all around you. It can quickly turn from being bright to snowy at Gosaikunda. Typically, the air is thin and the surroundings are quite cold. The journey comes to an end as we take off for the airport in Kathmandu after breakfast at the renowned Gosaikunda tea house.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Service

  • Private 

Vehicle Nepal offers private helicopter transportation to Gosaikunda from Kathmandu. For individuals who want to travel to Gosaikunda in a large group, including family, friends, and partners, a private helicopter is the best option. You can choose to go on a private charter flight either by yourself, in a group, or according to your own timetable. The flight could leave at any time of the day if the weather is good.  The private helicopter journey to Gosaikunda from Kathmandu costs US$1200

  • Group Joining

Additionally, Vehicle Nepal provided group joining helicopter tours to Gosaikunda from Kathmandu. Both solo and small-group passengers can take a public heli ride. If there are seats available in the helicopter, you are welcome to travel with any other party members.  Each individual in a group who takes a helicopter flight out of Kathmandu costs US$250.

Gosaikunda Helicopter tour cost

The price for the Gosaikunda Helicopter tour varies according to the service and amenities that the customer utilizes. It also depends on according to the total number of Group, Individual, and Group participants as well as whether they are a single, a couple, or more pax.

From  To Private  Public
Kathmandu Gosaikunda US$1300 US$ 250per person


Gosaikunda Helicopter tour equipment

For the Gosaikunda Helicopter tour, you must be fully prepared with essential equipment. As you are flying at a high altitude at a certain time, you should be more careful to make your adventure journey successful and memorable. You should not take any risks on this trip. So, there is some equipment which is listed below:

  • Passport
  • Windproof Jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Muffler
  • Woolen cap
  • Sun hat
  • Warm Jumper
  • Thick Shocks
  • Comfortable Shoe
  • Camera/Phone
  • Candies
  • Tissue paper/ Toiletries
  • Water bottle

 Gosaikunda helicopter tour Booking and Contact

You can contact us in different ways to book a vehicle and also you have different payment options while booking the Gosaikunda Helicopter tour. We accept:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash-in-hand
  • E-wallet like e-Sewa, Khalti, or Connect Ips

For further booking you can contact us:

Kathmandu Office 9851219412 Whatsapp/Viber
E-mail ID Nepalvehicle123@gmail.com
Location of Office Z-street, Thamel-Kathmandu
Contact number  (+977) 9851219412, 98523919412

Vehicle Nepal is one of the best, well-reputed, and registered travel companies in Nepal that offers the top Gosaikunda helicopter tour packages. Depending on your preferences, our firm offers a fantastic Gosaikunda Lake Heli trip package. Additionally, offer pilots with many years of experience and an excellent knowledge of the terrain of the area. We offer lodging and other services in Nepal in addition to the Heli ride service. While we deliver excellent service, we will be honored to be a part of your exhilarating experience.


  • Transfer to the airport from the hotel

    You’ll be transferred to the airport from your respective hotel by private vehicle. We provide varieties of private vehicles according to the number of the group. You’ll be dropped at the domestic terminal of Kathmandu Airport which is situated just a 10-minute walking distance from the international terminal.

  • Preparation and briefing by the pilot

    When you are dropped off at the exit gate, your extra procedure will start. You should always have your passport and ticket with you. You can depend on our agent to assist you with your check-in and luggage. As we fly over the Gosaikunda, our chopper crew will weigh the passenger and request copies of their passports. There may be a line once you get to the main waiting area to get your boarding pass after going through security. The airlines inform us of the departure time of our flight before we proceed to the helipad. While waiting at the helipad, they checked the weather to see if they could travel to the Gosaikunda. The captain will give a safety briefing before the helicopter flight as he awaits authorization from the airport tower. Learn how to open the doors, enter the aircraft, and leave it. Never stroll around the back of the helicopter when getting on or off; always use the front. The pilot does not shut off the helicopter’s engines when it comes to a stop at a great height; instead, he rotates the seats so that everyone may enjoy the best views.

  • Fly to Gosaikunda Lake

    An amazing aerial view of the Kathmandu Valley is provided as the chopper takes off from the airport. Next, we move toward the Langtang region in the north. As we fly over the Langtang National Park, we see some amazing vistas of the lush hills against the Langtang mountain range. You’ll see some sizable boulders encircling Gosaikunda Lake when you first arrive there. As you enter the Gosaikunda, a chilling breeze welcomes you.

  • Land and Explore the Gosaikunda Lake 

    Stepping outside causes the thin air to immediately fill your heart with an intense sensation of adventure and altitude. Typically, the surroundings are chilly. The area is decorated with prayer flags, and there is a teahouse there with some locals who are always happy to offer some tales and little-known facts about the lake. Hindus and Buddhists revere the Gosaikunda Lake, hence it must always be treated with care.

  • Flight back to Kathmandu

    With our return flight to the domestic terminal at Tribhuvan International Airport, the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour comes to a close. We said goodbye to the lovely Gosaikunda Lake as we swung above the area for the final time. We arrive at the airport on schedule after a roughly 30-minute return flight.

  • Transfer to Hotel

    You’ll transfer to your respective hotel by private vehicle, once you land at the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport.


  • Helicopter Charter
  • Insurance
  • Government taxes
  • Pick up and drop at the airport
  • Emergency evocation
  • Guided by pilot
  • Drinks during the trip
  • Personal expense and equipment gear and down jacket
  • Langtang National Park entrance fee (3300 Nepali Rupee)
  • Tips and Donations
  • Airport Tax (500 Rupee)
  • Paying by card will cost 4% Bank service Charge Extra

Essential info:

Best season for the Gosaikunda helicopter tour

The Gosaikunda Lake is located 4,380 meters above sea level. There are regular weather changes at this height. In the Gosaikunda region, it is typically windy and dry. Therefore, choosing a time that is suitable for a helicopter journey is crucial. When choosing the time for our Gosaikunda trip, we try to avoid cloudy and rainy weather because both will obstruct the views and render the helicopter flight useless.

The autumn and spring seasons are ideal for visiting Gosaikunda. In our experience, most visitors choose autumn. It is simple to take a tour of the lake due to the warm, bright days and dry weather. This time of year offers the clearest views of the Himalayan mountains and the most beautiful scenery. We’ve provided a full description of each season below; we advise you to go through them before deciding which is the best time to visit Gosaikunda.

  • Autumn

For the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour, autumn is the ideal season. Be aware that Gosaikunda Helicopters enjoy favorable weather conditions throughout the year. Since the tour only takes a maximum of two hours, you can still choose a nice time if you missed Autumn. From mid-September through mid-December is considered autumn. The Himalayan views come to life during this period when the sky clears. It is consistently sunny and very pleasant outside. You should anticipate some traffic while visiting Gosaikunda because the majority of visitors choose the autumn season.

  • Spring 

You can also do the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour in the spring. (March to May). The Gosaikunda Heli Tour is thought to be most enjoyable in the spring. There is a mild temperature of between 10°C and 20°C. The view is spectacular at this time of year, and you’ll pass through lush woodlands flowering with rhododendron along the way. Going to Gosaikunda Lake in the spring is even more exciting because there is little to no risk of rain. But there is always a remote possibility, and you can never be too sure. Therefore, it is best to plan ahead.

  • Monsoon 

Summer monsoons occur from June to August. The Gosaikunda region has a warm summer during the period. In lower altitudes, the average daytime temperature is 25°C, although it decreases as you begin to ascend. Rainfall occurs frequently, leaving the area slick and soggy. During the monsoon, trekking is not really a good idea. Views can be obstructed by the weather, which can become hazy. Local farmers work very hard in the field during the monsoon season. Because of this, if you happen to be flying during the monsoon, you will get to see the beautiful terrace farming from the helicopter.

  • Winter

Winters in the Gosaikunda region are bitterly cold. The temperature decreases dramatically at night and varies between 6°C and 9°C during the day. In the winter, the lake will be frozen and surrounded by snow. The views do appear to be beautiful, though, we must concede. If you’re not acclimated to chilly weather, the weather could get uncomfortable. Therefore, if you intend to visit Gosaikunda in the winter, make sure you are well-equipped and packed. Even in the winter, you may enjoy a wonderful helicopter tour to Gosaikunda by following the advice of our travel specialists.

Safety Notes for Gosaikunda Lake Helicopter Tour

While on a Helicopter tour to Gosaikunda Lake, there are some important things to remember regarding safety and regulations. The safety notes for the Gosaikunda Lake Helicopter tour are listed below:

  • Maintain constant visual contact with your pilot. From the front or side, enter or exit the helicopter.
  • Ensure your seatbelt is secured correctly.
  • Wait until the pilot signals that it is safe to get up from your appointed seat.
  • Weight distribution is important in Helicopters, so we will try to arrange to seat accordingly. Please try not to change your assigned seats.
  • Smoking is prohibited unless the captain has given his permission.

Gosaikunda helicopter tour on Helicopter Model

  • 9N ALA (AS 350 B3e)
  • 9N-AJD (AS 350 FX II)
  • 9N-AFQ (AS 350 FX II)

The maximum Weight limit for the Gosaikunda helicopter tour

A helicopter can accommodate six passengers, including the captain. Depending on the altitude and outside air pressure, the maximum landing weight capacity varies for all highland regions. A helicopter tour has a weight restriction of 500 kilograms on each flight when leaving from Kathmandu to Muktinath.

Permits on the Gosaikunda helicopter tour 

  • Langtang National Park Permit


Gosaikunda Lake is located 4380m above sea level.

Yes, when taking a helicopter tour to the Gosaikunda Lake, we have oxygen on hand in case of an emergency. Anyone can experience unpredictable AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) at high altitudes.

You should pack the following items for your chopper trip to Gosaikunda:

  • small daypack
  • Sunscreen and a sun hat. 
  • Body lotion and sunscreen 
  • various candies or snacks 
  • Digital cameras and their batteries 
  • Down jacket and trousers

You should without a doubt come along with us on our helicopter tour to Gosaikunda. We will make sure that you get in touch with us.

On each flight, a weight restriction is imposed. The Heli ride is subject to weight restrictions. The Standard for this commercial flight trip is five people per helicopter. The Muktinath Heli tour passengers can weigh up to 100 kilos apiece. A helicopter may carry a maximum of 500 kg.

The helicopter flight to Gosaikunda Lake does not include any extra fees.

If there are still seats on the Gosaikunda trip, you may join a group even if you are traveling alone.

Usually not, however on occasion it might be. Despite our best efforts, there is no way for us to avoid delays brought on by inclement weather or technological difficulties.

From Kathmandu, a private helicopter journey to the Gosaikunda Lake cost US$1200.

From Kathmandu, a group can join a helicopter flight to the Gosaikunda for US$250 per person.

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