Jeep Rental in Nepal

Jeep rental services in Nepal

Jeep rental services in Nepal offer a rugged and adventurous way to explore the diverse landscapes of this enchanting country. With a fleet of well-maintained and capable jeeps, travelers can embark on thrilling journeys through the Himalayan terrain, dense forests, and remote villages that are otherwise challenging to reach. The versatility of jeeps makes them a popular choice for both leisure travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path adventures and trekkers gearing up for journeys to Nepal’s renowned trekking destinations.

A jeep rental in Nepal offers a key advantage in the ability to access remote areas with challenging terrains where regular vehicles may struggle. Jeeps, renowned for their robust design, are specifically crafted to handle the rugged conditions of Nepal’s diverse landscapes. From traversing challenging road conditions and river crossings to navigating mountainous trails, a rented jeep becomes the ideal companion for those seeking an adrenaline-packed exploration.

Whether venturing into the Annapurna region, making the trek towards the Everest Base Camp, or exploring the enchanting Mustang Valley, opting for a jeep ensures that travelers can comfortably and safely navigate the diverse terrains of Nepal.

The rental jeep has a seating capacity of 6 to 8 passengers, with the inclusion of the driver. This configuration provides optimal comfort for a moderate-sized group of travelers, ensuring a pleasant and spacious experience on their journey.

This makes it a perfect choice for group travels, family outings, or excursions with friends. Whether you’re planning a small-group expedition or a slightly larger adventure, the rental jeep offers flexibility to suit diverse needs, making it an excellent option for those seeking both convenience and ample seating on their trips.

Opting for an automatic Jeep rental in Nepal proves ideal for extensive tours, facilitating a comfortable and smooth travel experience. Popular destinations like Rara, Manang, Mustang, Upper Mustang, Pokhara, Arun Valley, and Langtang beckon adventure enthusiasts for off-road escapades.

Additionally, our Jeeps provide a convenient means to reach revered holy sites such as Muktinath Temple, Kalichowk Bhagwati, Halesi Mahadev, Pathivara Temple, and more, allowing travelers to seamlessly explore both the natural wonders and cultural landmarks of Nepal with ease and efficiency

Hiring a jeep in Nepal comes with the added advantage of often including experienced local drivers who possess in-depth knowledge of the region’s geography and road conditions. This not only enhances the safety of the journey but also adds a valuable cultural dimension to the exploration, as drivers frequently share insights into local traditions, customs, and hidden gems along the way.

The convenience of having a knowledgeable driver allows travelers to fully immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery and cultural richness of Nepal, alleviating concerns about navigation or road challenges and enabling a more enriching and enjoyable travel experience.

Jeep rentals in Nepal cater to various travel needs, including trek transfers, sightseeing tours, and custom itineraries. Whether it’s a day trip to explore the Kathmandu Valley or an extended expedition into the remote corners of the country, jeep rental services offer flexibility to tailor the journey according to individual preferences. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking a personalized and immersive travel experience.

Our company offers a reliable and well-maintained Jeep rental service, prioritizing safety and convenience. We always provide a dedicated driver with our Jeeps, so self-driving is not an option. The price of rental jeep in Nepal is calculated based on the duration and distance of your trip, ensuring affordability and quality service.

You can rest assured that you won’t face unexpected charges, as we cover all fuel, parking fines, and driver accommodation costs. However, please note that entrance fees to attractions, including world heritage sites, ae not included in the rental price and should be paid separately during your visit.

Online Jeep rental in Nepal is the perfect solution for individuals seeking a comfortable and timely journey while avoiding traffic hassles. Our service provides a seamless experience, allowing you to drive at your pace and reach your destination with ease. With a user-friendly online platform, you can conveniently book a Jeep tailored to your preferences. Experience the freedom of navigating Nepal’s diverse landscapes comfortably and efficiently, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable travel adventure.

Vehicle Nepal, operated by Graceful Adventure Travel, stands out as the best jeep rental booking service in Nepal. Our commitment is to provide clients with immaculate and sanitized vehicles featuring plush seating for optimal comfort. Ensuring your safety is paramount to us, and thus, we dispatch skilled and knowledgeable drivers. Whatever your vehicle preference, we can arrange it for you in Nepal. It would be our privilege to assist you on your journey, ensuring a seamless and memorable travel experience with our reliable and well-maintained fleet.

Our Service for Jeep Rental in Nepal 

  • Jeep rental for destination drop

Our services in Nepal are designed to meet a wide range of needs, including Jeep rentals for destination drops. For tourists’ eager to explore Nepal’s beauty or business travelers requiring dependable transportation, our Jeep rental service offers a convenient and efficient solution.

Whether you seek adventure or a seamless commute, our well-maintained fleet and experienced drivers are committed to ensuring your journey is tailored to your specific needs. With a well-maintained fleet and experienced drivers, you can trust us to get you to your destination safely and comfortably.

Our commitment to providing top-notch service extends to ensuring that your travel experience is seamless and hassle-free. We understand the importance of reliable transportation when it comes to reaching your destination, be it for work or leisure. Therefore, our Jeep rentals are customized to meet the various needs of our customers, making us a reliable option for anyone looking for a fast and simple way to go in Nepal.

  • Jeep rental for marriage ceremonies

We extend our services to include Jeep rentals service for wedding ceremonies, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to your special day. Recognizing the importance of such occasions, our fleet of well-maintained Jeeps is not only reliable but also designed to complement the joyous atmosphere of weddings. From transporting the bridal party in style to ensuring a smooth and luxurious ride for the newlyweds, our commitment is to contribute to the memorable moments of your wedding day.

Our Jeep rental service for weddings in Nepal provides more than simply a means of transportation; it also combines elegance and comfortable. We meticulously attend to every detail to seamlessly integrate transportation into your wedding celebration, providing a harmonious blend of elegance and practicality. Our aim is to ensure that your journey on this significant day is as memorable and delightful as the event itself, contributing to the overall joy and beauty of your special occasion.

  • Jeep rental for off-road tour

For those seeking adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal, our Jeep rental service provides an exhilarating option for off-road tours. Our tough Jeeps, which are designed for adventure lovers, are outfitted to handle the rough terrains with safety and excitement. Our off-road Jeep rentals are customized for exploration in renowned destinations like the Annapurna Circuit, Langtang Valley, and Mustang region.

Our off-road Jeep rentals are tailored to enhance your exploration, whether you’re ready to conquer rocky terrain or explore deep into Nepal’s wilderness. These off-road tours allow you to experience the raw beauty and rugged charm of Nepal’s remote landscapes, making your adventure an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

Embark on a journey of discovery, traversing through the diverse and rugged terrains that Nepal has to offer. Our off-road Jeep rentals not only promise an adrenaline-pumping experience but also ensure that you can explore remote and scenic locations that are otherwise hard to reach. With our reliable vehicles, equipped for the demands of off-road adventures, your exploration becomes a seamless and memorable expedition into the untamed beauty of Nepal’s landscapes.

Vehicle Nepal organize the Jeep rental from Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini 

  • Jeep rental in Kathmandu

Vehicle Nepal offers convenient and reliable Jeep rental services in the vibrant city of Kathmandu. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the cultural richness of the Kathmandu Valley, a business traveler needing efficient transportation, or an adventurer seeking to embark on a journey through Nepal’s diverse landscapes, our fleet of Jeeps caters to a spectrum of needs.

Equipped with a variety of models, including the versatile Scorpio, sophisticated Land Cruiser Prado, sturdy Scorpio Pick-Up, and reliable Toyota Hilux, our Jeep rental service ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. With well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers, Vehicle Nepal aims to provide customers in Kathmandu with the flexibility and convenience to explore the city and its surroundings at their own pace.

With Vehicle Nepal’s Jeep rental service, navigating the busy streets of Kathmandu becomes a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re headed to historical landmarks like Swayambhunath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple or venturing into the nearby hills for panoramic views, our Jeeps are equipped to handle the varied terrains and demands of the Kathmandu valley. From airport transfers to city tours, our Jeep rental service ensures that you have a reliable and comfortable means of transportation to make the most of your time in Kathmandu.

  • Jeep rental in Pokhara

Vehicle Nepal provides seamless and reliable Jeep rental services in the picturesque city of Pokhara, catering to a diverse range of travel needs. Whether you’re a traveler seeking to explore the enchanting landscapes surrounding Pokhara, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a group embarking on an adventure, our fleet of Jeeps offers a comfortable and convenient transportation solution.

From visiting popular attractions like Phewa Lake and Devi’s Fall to venturing into the nearby hills for trekking or paragliding, our well-maintained Jeeps, including models like Scorpio, Land Cruiser Prado, Scorpio Pick-Up, and Toyota Hilux, are ready to facilitate your exploration of Pokhara and its scenic surroundings.

With experienced drivers and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Vehicle Nepal ensures a delightful and stress-free Jeep rental experience for those discovering the beauty of Pokhara. Vehicle Nepal’s jeep rental service in Pokhara is not just about transportation; it’s about providing travelers with the freedom to tailor their experience, whether it’s a leisurely exploration of the city’s beauty or an adrenaline pumping off-road adventure amidst Pokhara’s scenic landscapes.

  • Jeep rental in Chitwan

Vehicle Nepal extends its versatile Jeep rental services to Chitwan, catering to a myriad of purposes for travelers and locals alike. Whether you’re in need of a reliable means for a comfortable destination drop, an adventurous Jeep safari to explore the wildlife wonders of Chitwan National Park, or require transportation for special events, our diverse fleet of Jeeps is equipped to meet your specific needs.

From the adaptable Scorpio to the sophisticated Land Cruiser Prado, the rugged Scorpio Pick-Up, and the dependable Toyota Hilux, our vehicles offer both functionality and comfort for various activities in Chitwan.

Whether you’re embarking on a serene journey to the lush landscapes surrounding Chitwan or organizing a special event, Vehicle Nepal’s Jeep rental service ensures that you have the flexibility and reliability necessary for a seamless experience.

Our well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers are ready to facilitate your exploration, ensuring that you can enjoy the natural beauty, wildlife, and cultural richness of Chitwan without any transportation-related worries.

Whether it’s a drop-off to your desired destination, an exciting safari adventure, or transportation for events, Vehicle Nepal’s Jeep rental service in Chitwan is designed to enhance your travel experience in this unique and vibrant region.

  • Jeep rental in Lumbini

Vehicle Nepal proudly offers its reliable Jeep rental services in the sacred city of Lumbini, providing visitors with a convenient means of exploration in this historically significant destination. Whether you’re a pilgrim seeking to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha, a traveler eager to explore the cultural and religious sites, or an adventurer looking to venture into the surrounding landscapes, our fleet of Jeeps stands ready to cater to diverse needs. With models such as the versatile Scorpio, sophisticated Land Cruiser Prado, rugged Scorpio Pick-Up, and dependable Toyota Hilux, our vehicles are well-suited for the varied terrains and purposes that Lumbini and its surroundings offer.

In Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddhism, you can rent a Jeep from Vehicle Nepal to navigate the serene gardens and monastic zones, visit the Maya Devi Temple, and explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites that define the spiritual significance of the region. Our Jeep rental service ensures a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation, allowing you to absorb the profound spiritual atmosphere and historical richness of Lumbini without any logistical concerns. Whether you’re on a pilgrimage, cultural exploration, or seeking tranquility in the beautiful surroundings, Vehicle Nepal’s Jeep rental service in Lumbini is tailored to enhance your experience in this revered city.

Available brand of Jeep with Vehicle Nepal

  • Scorpio

The Scorpio, available through Vehicle Nepal, stands out as a versatile and dynamic option for a range of travel needs. With its distinctive design and powerful performance, the Scorpio is adept at navigating diverse terrains. The Scorpio is renowned for its powerful performance and flexibility, making it ideal for both city travel and off-road excursions. The interior is designed with comfort in mind, providing spacious seating and modern amenities.

Whether you’re embarking on a family road trip, cruising through city traffic, or venturing into the wilderness, the Scorpio ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride. Its advanced features and technology contribute to a driving experience that is not only versatile but also reliable. From its responsive handling to its impressive towing capacity, the Scorpio is a go-to choice for those who value flexibility and performance in a vehicle. Whether you seek adventure or everyday functionality, the Scorpio seamlessly embodies versatility, making it an excellent option for a wide range of driving preferences and situations.

  • Land cruiser Prado

A versatile and exciting solution for a variety of travel purposes, the Scorpio is offered by Vehicle Nepal. The Scorpio is perfectly suited for both city commuting and off-road excursions because to its reliable performance and versatility.

This vehicle delivers comfort and dependability with a design that fuses style and functionality, making it a great option for people looking for a Jeep that easily transitions between various driving environments and terrains. The Scorpio provides a driving experience that mixes adaptability with performance, whether negotiating metropolitan streets or traversing rocky areas.

Underneath its sophisticated exterior, the Land Cruiser Prado delivered by Vehicle Nepal conceals robust engineering and advanced off-road capabilities. With a powerful engine and innovative features such as multi-terrain selects and crawl control, this vehicle is ready to tackle diverse terrains with confidence and ease.

Beyond being a mode of transportation, the Land Cruiser Prado is a symbol of opulence and capability, making it an ideal choice for those who seek not only an exquisite driving experience but also the versatility to explore both urban sophistication and rugged landscapes.

  • Scorpio pick up

Vehicle Nepal offers the rugged Scorpio Pick-Up, a durable vehicle designed for a variety of uses all around Nepal. Its robust and practical design makes it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses alike.

Whether you need to transport goods, equipment, or simply require a reliable vehicle for tough terrains, the Scorpio Pick-Up delivers on all fronts. Its sturdy cargo bed provides ample space for hauling goods, and its off-road capabilities make it ideal for ventures into remote areas where reliability is paramount.

With its powerful engine and dependable build, the Scorpio Pick-Up can handle the demands of both urban and off-road environments. Whether you’re involved in agriculture, construction, or any other industry that requires dependable transportation, this vehicle offers the strength and versatility needed to get the job done.

Furthermore, it’s not just about utility; the Scorpio Pick-Up provides a comfortable cabin and modern features, ensuring a well-rounded driving experience for those who require a rugged vehicle with practicality and functionality in mind.

  • Toyota Hilux

Vehicle Nepal proudly offers the reliable Toyota Hilux, an outstanding choice for Jeep rental in Nepal. Known for its unwavering dependability and robust performance, the Hilux is a versatile workhorse that excels in both urban and rugged environments. With a reputation for durability and a strong presence on the road, it’s a preferred vehicle for businesses, adventurers, and individuals alike.

The Hilux’s cargo capacity and off-road capabilities make it ideal for various purposes, from carrying goods and equipment to embarking on adventurous journeys into challenging terrains.

The Toyota Hilux offered by Vehicle Nepal combines practicality with comfort, featuring a spacious interior and modern amenities. With its renowned reputation for durability and off-road capabilities, the Hilux is well-suited for both professional and recreational endeavors.

Whether you’re in need of a reliable workhorse for business purposes or an adventurous companion for off-road exploration, the Toyota Hilux stands as a testament to Vehicle Nepal’s commitment to providing reliable and versatile vehicles tailored to the unique needs of its customers in Nepal.

Seats Capacity of Our Jeep 

The rental jeep boasts a spacious interior with a generous seating capacity, accommodating between 8 to 10 passengers comfortably. This feature makes it an ideal choice for larger groups, such as families or travel parties, seeking a shared and enjoyable transportation experience. Whether embarking on a scenic road trip or navigating urban landscapes, the ample seating ensures that everyone can travel together seamlessly.

The versatile capacity of 8 to 10 passengers not only enhances the convenience of group travel but also offers flexibility for varying group sizes, making the rental jeep a practical and accommodating choice for diverse travel needs.

As a Company for Jeep Rental in Nepal 

Vehicle Nepal is the most reliable online vehicle booking service in Nepal and is run by Graceful Adventure Travel. For our clients, we will offer pristine, sterilized vehicles with plush seats. Our organization guarantees your safety by sending a skilled and knowledgeable driver. In Nepal, we can arrange any vehicle of your choice. We would be honored to assist you on your journey.

Available Fleets


Varieties of Vehicles

Vehicle Nepal offers varieties and branded Vehicles for guests. You can rent a car, jeep, Van, Hiace, Coaster, Mini Bus, and Tourist Bus.

Easy and quick Online Services

Vehicle Nepal is always available to keep in touch with you as we also provide online service which is easy and quick. You can book vehicles easily and on time whenever you want. You can book a vehicle easily online.

Experienced Driver

Vehicle Nepal provides a well-experienced driver who makes your journey smooth and safe travel to your destination within Nepal. They have good knowledge of the geography of the location and navigation skills to make your trip enjoyable. Also, they will help to load and unload your luggage.

Cleaned and Sanitize Vehicles

Vehicles Nepal values your health. Our Vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized. We will clean and well-sanitize each vehicle properly before providing you to keep you away from germs and diseases.

Luxury and Comfortable seat

All Vehicles are well-maintained and regularly serviced. We always assure the comfort of our guests by providing comfortable seats. We offer our clients a comfortable journey.

Reasonable Price

Vehicle Nepal offers you a reasonable price. You can rent the Vehicles at a reasonable price. You can provide us with information about your plans, expected duration, and destinations so we can get you the best rates for your rental car service.

Privacy and Freedom

There is no freedom and privacy while using public transportation. You can stop wherever you want and do whatever you want. Though you’ve to follow traffic rules and company’s guidelines.

Insurance Facilities

Insurance is very important for you if anything happened while renting a Vehicle. We will provide insurance up to NPR500000.

Fixed rates

Prices for the rented car are fixed. We provide affordable prices for you. So, you don’t need to ask for bargaining.

Booking Flexibility

You can book a car for rent online which is very flexible for you. You can contact us directly for booking.

24 hours Customer Service

We are always there for you to provide services. 24 hours customer services are available in our company.


We are sorry that we don’t offer self-drive. We provide the rental Jeep with a driver only.
Yes, we also provide a rented Jeep in Nepal by the hour.
No, you don’t need to arrange meals and accommodation for the driver. Our Company will manage meals and accommodation for the Driver.
Scorpio, Tata-Safari, Toyota Hilux, Mahendra Pickup, and Toyota Landcruiser Prado are Brands of jeeps available in our company.
Our all drivers are well-trained, experienced, and professionals in driving skills. They will take you safely to your destination.
No, there are no limitations on KM during the rentals of Vehicles. We will offer the most competitive prices while focusing primarily on the time frame and specific itinerary of our client.
No, there won't be any extra fees to pay when you rent a jeep in Nepal. When visiting UNESCO world heritage sites, you must pay an entrance fee, this amount is not included in the rental cost.