Kathmandu Syabrubesi Tourist bus ticket

Kathmandu Syabrubesi Tourist bus ticket

Vehicle Nepal provides Kathmandu-Syabrubesi tourist bus tickets. Syabrubesi is the main gateway for the Langtang region and trekking areas including Tamang Heritage Trial, Ganjala Pass, Langtang-Gosaikunda, and Langtang valley. The distance between Kathmandu to Syabrubesi is 80km which takes approximately 7-8 hours to reach. As there is no availability of domestic airports, road transportation is the only option to reach Syabrubesi. Syabrubesi is easily and comfortably accessible by the deluxe tourist bus and has more space for legs.

Kathmandu Syabrubesi deluxe tourist bus provides 35 seats with two-by-two folding seats including other amenities like A/C heating, comfortable seats, and mineral water. Deluxe tourist bus from Kathmandu-Syabrubesi is luxurious, pleasant, and secure safely even on rough roads which will be run by a well-trained and professional vehicle operator. Our vehicle operator and helper are trustworthy and helpful. They have detailed information about the landscape of that region. So, they became more careful while driving on the rough road.

Online tourist bus ticket from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi is the most flexible as we issue online tickets. The bus departs once a day from Machhapokhari to Syabrubesi. Every morning at 7:00 A.M. the bus leaves the Machhapokhari bus stop and moves towards the Syabrubesi following the trishuli river and which is a scenic route. On the way, you’ll get a two-time break for Lunch/Snack and for the toilet. The booking process of a bus ticket from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi is simple and secure, and you can pay through various online payment options like credit/debit card, e-wallet, etc.

Syabrubesi is a beautiful village that lies inside the Langtang National Park and is also the main gateway of the Langtang region. Syabrubesi is shining in the spotlight for domestic and international tourists due to the local community, its festival culture and traditions, and the well-known religious yatra “Kailash Yatra.” On the road to Langtang Valley, Syabrubesi is situated at the foot of a lush hill. We also provide the trekking package for Langtang valley, Gosaikunda, Ganjala Pass, Helambu, and Tamang Heritage Trial. Any journey in the Langtang region begins here since it is the most well-liked resting spot in the area.

On the periphery of Langtang National Park, Syabrubesi is surrounded by lush hills that are densely forested. Syabrubesi is situated close to the Trisuli River’s banks. Syabrubesi experiences a humid climate with frequent rain. In the summer, the average temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, and in the winter, it ranges from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. At 2,380 meters above sea level and surrounded by lush hills, Syabrubesi has a temperate climate zone.

Private jeep from Kathmandu-Dhunche-Syabrubesi is also available in Vehicle Nepal. Private jeep is more flexible than other tourist buses because it picks up you from your respective hotel or place. Though it is quite more costly than a deluxe tourist bus, it offers amazing service. Jeep has the capacity of holding 7-8 people at a time.  The private jeep offers more comfortable seats and has enough place for luggage. The road to Syabrubesi from Kathmandu can be rough and unpaved. So, the jeep is more suitable while going to Syabrubesi by road journey. You can stop by the jeep wherever you want for lunch, snack, and toilet break. For a private jeep, we provide a well-trained and professional driver who has detailed knowledge about the

Vehicle Nepal is a registered and renowned company in Nepal that offers amazing vehicle service. Our company offers a range of tourist bus ticket services from Kathmandu to Lumbini, Chitwan, Pokhara, Syabrubesi, and Besisahar. We offer clean, dependable, really comfy seat buses with mineral water. You can also collect the tickets by visiting our agency which is located on Z-street, Thamel. It’s a good idea to book a bus ticket in advance during peak time to get comfortable seats.

Kathmandu Syabrubesi tourist bus route

Kathmandu Syabrubesi tourist bus leaves once time in a day.  The deluxe tourist bus departs from the Machhapokhari following the Swayambhu-Kalanki-Thankot-Nagdhunga-Galchi-Trishuli-Dhunche-Syabrubesi route. The deluxe tourist bus leaves Machhapokhari at 7 A.M. in the morning to Syabrubesi. You can also join the deluxe bus on the route.

For Morning Shift

Destination Reporting time Departure Time
Machhapokhari 6:30 7:00
Balaju Bhatbhateni 6:55 7:10
Swayambhu 7:00 7:15
Kalanki 7:10 7:25
Thankot 7:50 8:05


Kathmandu Syabrubesi tourist bus ticket cost

The cost of the Kathmandu Syabrubesi tourist bus ticket varies for Nepali and foreigners. As per the price, we guarantee you to provide good service while traveling from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. The price of a tourist bus ticket from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi is listed below:

Types of Tourist Bus Price for Nepali Price for Foreigner
Deluxe 1200 USD12


Kathmandu Syabrubesi tourist bus ticket service

Every customer expects good service when they buy a bus ticket. So, we also offer different services in the deluxe bus which runs from Kathmandu- Syabrubesi. The deluxe bus ticket services are listed below:

  • Two-by-two folding seat
  • Mineral water
  • Comfortable seat
  • A/C heating
  • Two-time breaks for Lunch/Snack and toilet

Kathmandu Syabrubesi tourist bus ticket station

  • Machhapokhari, Kathmandu

Kathmandu Syabrubesi tourist bus departs from Machhapokhari bus park. Machhapokhari bus park is 6.8km away from the Kalanki and 2.9km away from the Thamel. Machhapokhari can be reached by local bus or you can book a cab. It can be easily accessible by land transportation.

  • Syabrubesi

Syabyubesi is the last station which is the main gateway of the Langtang region. Our deluxe tourist bus drops you at the Syabrubesi bus station from where most of the trekking starts.

Road condition of Kathmandu Syabrubesi  

The road condition of Kathmandu-Syabrubei is mixed. The road is the black peach but, in some places, en route is rough. Syabrubesi is 80km away from Kathmandu which takes around 7-8 hours to reach. You’ll travel via the Prithivi highway from Kathmandu to Galchi. Then Galchi, you’ll move towards Syabrubesi by Trishuli. On this journey, you’ll cross the Trishuli Bazaar. On the way, you’ll see amazing views of mountain ranges and the Trishuli river will flow on the other side of the road which gives amazing vibes while traveling. The mountain range’s view makes your journey more interesting.

How to book 

You can contact us in different ways to book a vehicle and also you have different payment options while booking a tourist bus ticket from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi. We accept:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash-in-hand
  • E-wallet like e-Sewa, Khalti, or Connect Ips

For further booking you can contact us:

Kathmandu Office 9851219412 Whatsapp/Viber
E-mail ID Nepalvehicle123@gmail.com
Location of Office Z-street, Thamel-Kathmandu
Contact number 9851219412, (+977) 4700180


Terms and conditions of Kathmandu Lumbini tourist bus ticket 

  • Before 7 days, Cancellation is free
  • Before 3 days, a 25% cancellation fee is applicable
  • Before 2 days, a 50% cancellation fee is applicable
  • On the same day, there will be no refund.

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Syabrubesi is one of Nepal's beautiful villages which is inside the Langtang National Park.