Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour 


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Best Season

Autumn and Spring


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Trip Highlight:

  • The breathtaking Himalayas, including Mt. Langtang, Mt. Lurung, Ganesh Himal, Lakpa Dorje, Yala Peak, Naya Kanga, and Mt. Gaurishankar, may be seen well in Langtang.
  • Take a flight to a place near Tibet and Kathmandu.
  • Close-up views of Himalayan peaks between 7000-6000 meters.
  • Explore Kyanjing Gompa-an ancient Tamang settlement with a Buddhist Gompa.
  • Visiting the Yak cheese factory and the Kyanjin Gompa.
  • Aerial views of the Langtang Valley are breathtaking, with the Mountains in the background.
  • Green hills, rugged terrain, dense jungles, and gushing waterfalls make for stunning scenery.
  • Overlooking the Langtang National Park from the air.


Langtang Valley helicopter tour is one of the most beautiful aerial flights to explore the Himalayas near Kathmandu. The closest mountain that Kathmandu residents can access is Langtang. Langtang is the third most popular trekking location after the Everest and Annapurna regions.

A helicopter Tour to Langtang Valley from Kathmandu is the quickest way to experience the Mountains and the snow. From the Kathmandu airport, the Kyanjin Gompa stop on the Langtang Helicopter Tour takes about 30 minutes. The Langtang helicopter excursions provide a close-up view of the mountains over the Langtang National Park as well as a quick glimpse of highland villages, spectacular vistas, and tall peaks.

The main highlights of the Langtang Heli Tour in Nepal are the breathtaking views of enormous peaks like Ganesh Himal (7,407m), Langtang Lirung (7,246m), Dorje Lapka (6,975m), Yala Peak, Naya Kanga, and Gosaikunda lakes. Langtang is still regarded as one of Nepal’s most popular travel destinations despite the difficulties.

The first national park in the Himalayas and fourth overall in Nepal is the Langtang National Park. The park features oak, maple, and pine trees as well as other evergreen natural beauty. Around Spring, rhododendron blossoms bloom all throughout the woodland. It has connections to the northern Tibetan Autonomous Region. The Bhote Koshi and Trishuli Rivers, two renowned rivers, form the boundary.

Langtang Kyanjing Gompa Helicopter Tour provides a thrilling helicopter trip across the stunning Langtang Valley. The helicopter tour to Langtang, a recent addition to our Nepal Helicopter Tours, allows you to witness the magnificence of the Langtang Range. The only trekking area that is near Kathmandu is the Langtang Area. This region is well-known for its vibrant Tamang Buddhist culture and approachable Himalayan peaks.

A mountainous ethnic group known as the Tamang is thought to be originated from Tibetan horsemen who arrived in Nepal hundreds of years ago to trade horses. Families continuing to raise horses and practice Tibetan culture can still be found in the old villages. The area gained notoriety when an avalanche brought on by the terrible 2015 earthquake completely devastated Langtang Village. In recognition of this settlement, the International Astronomical Association gave the name “Langtang” to a crater on Mars

The Langtang Heli ride begins at the Kathmandu airport with a flight northward, chasing the Langtang range, where you may take in the breathtaking mountain landscape right in front of you. Dramatic contrasts in topography, vegetation, and mountainous landscapes greet you as you reach Langtang National Park. The aircraft touches down at Kyanjin Gompa (3,950m), a Tibetan-influenced town adorned with breathtaking scenery, historic monasteries, and breathtaking mountain views. You will have between 20 and 30 minutes at most for breakfast and exploration.

Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour service

There are two methods to take a helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Langtang Valley: private and group joining.

  • Private 

Vehicle Nepal provides a private helicopter excursion to the Langtang Valley from Kathmandu. For those who wish to spend quality time with their loved ones, such as family, friends, and partners, a private charter flight is perfect. With a private charter flight, you have the option of traveling alone, with a group, or on your own schedule. If the weather is fine, the flight could depart at any moment during the day.

  • Group joining

Group Joining helicopter ride to Langtang Valley from Kathmandu is also offered by Vehicle Nepal. A group Heli excursion is open to all travelers. Even solo travelers are able to board the helicopter flight to Langtang Valley if another group is also going. If there are five members in the group, the cost per person will be approximately US$400. Yet, if fewer people are traveling, the cost will rise.

Langtang Valley Helicopter cost

The price for the Langtang Valley Helicopter tour varies according to the service and amenities that the customer utilizes. It also depends on according to the total number of Group, Individual, and Group participants as well as whether they are a single, a couple, or more pax.

From To Private Group Joining
Kathmandu Langtang Valley US$1800 US$400

Langtang Valley Helicopter tour equipment

  • Passport
  • Windproof Jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Muffler
  • Wollen cap
  • Sun hat
  • Warm Jumper
  • Thick Shocks
  • Comfortable Shoe
  • Camera/Phone
  • Candies
  • Tissue paper/ Toiletries
  • Water bottle

Booking Contact Number and Payment Langtang Valley helicopter tour 

You can contact us in different ways to book a vehicle and also you have different payment options while booking the Langtang Valley Helicopter tour. We accept:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash-in-hand
  • E-wallet like e-Sewa, Khalti, or Connect Ips

For further booking you can contact us:

Kathmandu Office 9851219412 Whatsapp/Viber
E-mail ID
Location of Office Z-street, Thamel-Kathmandu
Contact number 9851219412, (+977) 4700180



  • Transfer from Hotel to Airport

    Early morning, our representative will pick up you from the hotel by private vehicle according to your group number and drop you at the airport. The helicopter for Langtang Valley take-off from the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport. The domestic terminal lies just 10 min walking distance from the international terminal.

  • Preparation for take-off and flight briefing

    After being dropped off at the departure gate, your additional procedure will start. You should always have your passport and ticket with you. Our representative will assist you with the check-in process and luggage. When flying over the Langtang Valley, our helicopter crew will weigh the passenger and request copies of their passports. There may be a wait once you approach the main waiting area after passing through security to get your boarding card. The airlines inform us of the departure time of our flight before we proceed to the helipad. Waiting at the helipad, checking the weather to see if a flight to the Langtang Valley was possible. The captain will give a safety briefing before the helicopter flight as he waits for clearance from the airport tower. Explore how to use the doors and enter and exit the helicopter. While boarding or exiting the helicopter, always use the front; never go around the back. The pilot doesn’t shut off the engines when the helicopter comes to a stop at a high altitude; instead, he flips the seats around so that everybody may take in the best sights.

  • Take-off from the airport to Langtang

    Langtang Helicopter Tour commerce after you board the helicopter and fly north towards the Langtang Valley. Enjoy the aerial view of the city as the plane flies above the Kathmandu Valley. The vibrant city may be seen encircled by lush hills from above. You can see the Tibetan and Nepalese peaks reaching across the sky as the helicopter approaches Langtang Valley. You’ll be able to see the Himalayan peaks Shisapangma, Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Paldor Peak, Jugal Himal, and Singri Himal among others.

  • Landing at Kyanjing Gompa and exploring Langtang Valley

    You’ll land at the Kyanjing Gompa, a historic Tamang community named after its Buddhist Monastery. This community is situated inside the ecologically diverse Langtang National Park. This town is surrounded by glaciers and snow-covered Himalayan peaks. Moreover, Toni Hagen, a Swiss geologist, founded a cheese factory over 70 years ago. This is Nepal’s earliest and oldest yak cheese factory. Take pictures and stroll around the community. The helicopter will only stay on the ground for 20-30 minutes because staying at a high altitude will cause problems

  • Fly back to Kathmandu

    After spending quality time at Kyanjing Gompa, you’ll be back in Kathmandu. While returning back to Kathmandu enjoy the stunning sights of the Langtang Valley, Gosaikunda Lake, and villages including the Tamang Heritage Trial. Once you land at the Kathmandu airport, you’ll escort to your respective hotel and place.


  • Helicopter Charter
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Emergency evacuation  Insurance
  • Government taxes
  • Free guided
  • Drinks during the trip
  • Personal expense and equipment gear and down jacket
  • Langtang National Park entrance fee (3300 Nepali Rupee)
  • Tips and Donations
  • Airport Tax (500 Rupee)
  • Paying by card will cost 4% Bank service Charge Extra

Essential info:

Best season for the Langtang Valley helicopter tour 

Throughout the year, a Helicopter tour to Langtang Valley is suitable. But still Autumn and Spring are the best seasons for the Langtang Valley Heli ride.

  • Autumn

Autumn is the best season for a Heli ride to Langtang Valley. The Langtang Kyanjin Gompa Helicopter Tour is most enjoyable in the autumn. From September through the middle of December, it lasts. During this time, one can enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain range, a clear blue sky, and a cool breeze. The temperature is really pleasant and the weather is consistent. 10 to 15 degrees Celsius are the temperature range. The mornings and evenings, though, could feel a little chilly.

When visiting Kyanjin hamlet and the nearby cheese factory, you should anticipate some traffic since autumn is the busiest season for travel and even trekking in the Langtang region. Other than that, autumn in Nepal is undoubtedly the ideal time of year for the Langtang Kyanjin Heli Trip.

  • Spring 

Spring which falls between March to May is another best season of the year for the Helicopter tour to Langtang Kyanjing Gompa. There is a moderate temperature between 10°C and 20°C. Rhododendrons and numerous other wildflowers bloom throughout the forests, offering breathtaking landscapes. Even though it’s quite uncommon to rain in the Spring, the weather may be quite unpredictable at such high heights. It is advisable to choose spring if autumn is not an option, but the Heli trip won’t take more than a couple of hours.

  • Monsoon

Monsoon is not considered the best season for a Heli ride to Langtang Valley. The average daytime temperature is 30°C when you are at a lower altitude, but it decreases as you ascend. Rain falls frequently, making the region muddy and dangerous. Yet the view after a rainwash is breathtaking. During the monsoon, the Langtang region offers a lovely atmosphere. In addition to fog, which can frequently obstruct the view, monsoon season is another choice for the Langtang Kyanjin Valley Heli Tour in Nepal. You will see some wonderful terrace farming because local farmers are quite busy growing crops during the monsoon. It is quite amazing to witness hundreds of farmers planting at the same time.

  • Winter

Winter is also another least preferred season throughout the year for the Langtang Helicopter tour because of the extremely chilly daytime temperatures, which range from 6°C to 9°C. The morning and night are much colder which falls at minus degrees. This season does provide some gorgeous Langtang locations covered in snow. Snowfalls and severe winds might follow unfavorable weather conditions. In Nepal, the Langtang Helicopter Tour is still an option in the winter. Make sure to talk to our travel specialists if you intend to visit the Langtang region in the winter. They will arrange a unique itinerary for the Langtang Heli Tour in addition to supplying you with some essential information.

Safety Notes for Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour

While on a Helicopter tour to Langtang Valley, there are some important things to remember regarding safety and regulations. The safety notes for the Langtang Valley Helicopter tour are listed below:

  • Maintain constant visual contact with your pilot. From the front or side, enter or exit the helicopter.
  • Ensure your seatbelt is secured correctly.
  • Wait until the pilot signals that it is safe to get up from your appointed seat.
  • Weight distribution is important in Helicopters, so we will try to arrange to seat accordingly. Please try not to change your assigned seats.
  • Smoking is prohibited unless the captain has given his permission.

Langtang Valley helicopter tour on Helicopter Model

  • 9N ALA (AS 350 B3e)
  • 9N-AJD (AS 350 FX II)
  • 9N-AFQ (AS 350 FX II)

The maximum Weight limit for the Langtang Valley helicopter tour

A helicopter can accommodate six passengers, including the captain. Depending on the altitude and outside air pressure, the maximum landing weight capacity varies for all highland regions. A helicopter tour has a weight restriction of 500 kilograms on each flight when leaving from Kathmandu to Langtang Valley.

Permits on the Langtang Valley helicopter tour

  • Langtang National Park

Vehicle Nepal is a well-reputed and registered company that provides amazing helicopter service. We provide the best helicopter tour service to Langtang Valley at a reasonable price. Our company will be grateful to be part of this thrilling experience as we provide amazing service during this Heli ride.



The elevation of Langtang Valley is 3430 meters from the sea level.

To reach Langtang Valley by Heli ride from Kathmandu takes 20 minutes.

A helicopter tour to Langtang Valley can be done throughout the year. But Autumn and Spring is the best season for the Langtang Valley Heli ride. The clear weather and blue sky make the trip more memorable. And there will not be any disturbance in visuality. 

Yes, we carry oxygen for an emergency case during a helicopter tour to Langtang Valley. At high altitudes, anyone can suffer from AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) which is very unpredictable. 

To prepare for your helicopter trip to Langtang Valley, keep the following in mind:

  • small daypack
  • Sunscreen and a sun hat. 
  • Body lotion and sunscreen 
  • various candies or snacks 
  • Digital cameras and their batteries 
  • Down jacket and trousers

The weather and forecast will determine when the aircraft will land at Kyanjing Gompa. We normally land in 20 to 25 minutes, and if it’s possible, we’ll wait for a quick breakfast at Kyanjing Gompa. Our team leader decides how long you will stay there. (If the weather isn’t great, we’ll land for a short period of time. We won’t hold off till breakfast.

There is a group joining our helicopter tour to the Langtang Valley, so definitely. if you wish to come on this tour with us. You must get in touch with us, and we will handle

A weight limit is applied to every flight. There is a weight restriction on the Heli ride to Langtang Valley. Five passengers per helicopter are standard for this commercial flight excursion. The weight of each person in the Langtang Valley is up to 100 kilograms. Moreover, a helicopter can hold 500 kilograms in total.

No, there is no hidden charge during the Helicopter ride to Langtang Valley.

Yes, you can join a group if you are a solo traveler while doing the Langtang Heli tour if there is an availability of seats. 

Mostly not, but rarely it might be. Although we make every effort to stay on schedule, there is no way for us to prevent delays caused by bad weather or technical problems.

The helicopter tour to Langtang Valley land at an elevation of 3870m in Kyanjing Gompa. 

For a private Heli ride to Langtang Valley from Kathmandu, it cost US$1800.

For a group joining Heli ride to Langtang Valley, it cost US$450per person

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