MICE tour operator in Nepal

MICE Tour Operator in Nepal

MICE tour operator in Nepal is currently popular as many seminars and events are held in Nepal. The business community throughout the world is currently interested in visiting Nepal for international meetings and seminars. By selecting Nepal as the location for such events, business, and pleasure can be combined in the best way possible.

The country is a perfect location for MICE tourism because it hosts several national and international summits, expos, and exhibitions. Excellent meeting facilities that meet international standards are available in conference rooms and the top five-star hotels in all major cities, and the organization and management of these events have been made simpler by professional organizers like hotels, event managers, and tour operators.

Mice in Nepal offers all the MICE tourism-related services required, including venues for holding meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. As required, we offer all MICE tourism-related services. Your annual corporate meetings take on new life due to our agency, which also makes them more fun for the delegates.

Along with MICE-related services, our organization offers suggestions for pre-and post-event activities, works with the event coordinator to plan effective business meetings, and offers suggestions for product marketing.

MICE is an excellent fusion of business and travel. In order to further promote MICE tourism, Nepal has a competitive edge and may build on a destination’s unique qualities. Because of the strong ties between this type of tourism base and the travel and lodging sectors, Nepal’s tourism industry as a whole can gain even more. Along with sustaining the current market, it helps any company grow its client.

Vehicle Nepal is a registered company that owns by graceful Adventure. Our company provides the best location for MICE tours in Nepal where you can choose from lowland hill stations or mountain resorts high in the Himalayas. We are always flexible and prepared to meet your requirements.

In addition to this, we offer extra services like themed parties (classic or contemporary), side tours, and local activities like sightseeing, sporting events, and many others. In addition, we handle logistical services like destination transfers, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, excursion bookings, conference venue reservations, events, and gala dinners.

MICE Tour Destination in Nepal


Kathmandu Bouddhanath stupa Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which is a popular destination for MICE tourism. There are many conference rooms available in Kathmandu, either as standalone locations or in three- to five-star hotels. here are numerous cutting-edge facilities for conferences and conventions, supporting and promoting MICE tourism, with sophisticated audio, video, lighting, communications, catering, ventilation, and parking facilities.


Pokhara is a popular MICE tourism destination as it has a lot of things to offer while staying in Pokhara. From corporate meetings to leisure activities, Pokhara can meet everyone’s needs. There are numerous hotels and conference facilities accessible to host various corporate events for business and networking. Pokhara is the ideal location because it is a city of lakes and natural beauty that provides breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges that makes your meeting and events more effective.


Lumbini is the birthplace of Siddharth Gautam Buddha who is the originator of Buddhism in the world.  Lumbini is a fantastic destination for MICE tourism, it offers a lot in terms of natural beauty and religious diversity. Conference centers, lodging, and meeting spaces are among the Lumbini facilities that are appropriate for MICE tourism. Lumbini International Convention Center (LICC) is a modern meeting venue with audio-video equipment as well as internet facilities that can hold hundreds of attendees at a time. There are a number of resorts and hotels in the area with meeting spaces and lodging for participants.


Chitwan has become a popular location for MICE events and is well-known for its national park. It provides a selection of hotels and conference facilities in addition to outdoor locations for events like team-building activities and nature excursions. Numerous of these locations provide packages that consist of lodging, meals, transportation, and extras like tours, cultural events, and group activities. Chitwan is renowned for both its natural beauty and its rich cultural legacy. It has a number of villages and temples that provide a look into traditional Nepali life. Chitwan is a great location for MICE events that want to include cultural experiences in their itinerary because of this.

Transportation While MICE Tour in Nepal 

Transportation is very important to transfer people from one origin point to destination. For MICE tourism in Nepal, both road and air transportation is provided by Vehicle Nepal. As Nepal is a landlocked country, water transportation is not available.

Road transportation

Our company can arrange all types of road transportation while organizing meetings, events, and conferences in Nepal. We can provide a car, van, jeep, tourist bus, and Hiace as per the number of attendees and destination. With the presence of a vehicle operator, we can provide a vehicle for MICE tourism in Nepal. Self-drive is not available in our company.

Flight ticket

Vehicle Nepal is an authorized travel sale agent of domestic and international flight booking systems. We can provide air tickets for both domestic and international flights. The only operating international airport in Nepal as of right now is Tribhuvan International Airport. Similarly, Pokhara airport, Bhairawa airport, and Bharatpur airport are some domestic airports that are frequently used in MICE tourism.

Our Service For Mice Tourism 


In the international business sector, Nepal is currently well-known as a venue for meetings and seminars. Any organization, corporation, and another business component must have meetings, which is one of the fundamental requirements. It facilitates effective planning, monitoring of implementation progress in accordance with the plan, evaluation of the outcomes, and most importantly, sharing of knowledge and documentation of that learning in suitable communications.

The location and ambiance where your meeting is taking place can affect the decisions that are made there. The purpose of any meeting, whether it be for the exchange of information, issue-solving, brainstorming, or decision-making. Some types of meetings are listed below:

  • Annual general meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Management meetings
  • Training or onboarding meeting
  • Meeting with supplier and dealer
  • Team building meetings
  • Product launches

Incentive tours in Nepal are necessary to keep up a productive workplace in any business or organization that encourages the employee. As a part of MICE, incentives serve as a recreational activity. It refers to the trips that a corporation will provide as a reward for its employees, teams, affiliates, partners, and occasionally even clients. Incentive systems help businesses in boosting productivity, maintain team spirit among employees, reduce attrition, and make employees eager to come to work.

Being the host of the incentive events, Vehicle Nepal is entirely responsible for keeping your staff amused. It helps in attracting new talent to your company as well as assisting in keeping your talented current personnel. To help you have more efficient and successful incentive travel, we provide a variety of suggestions and activities.


Nepal has distinguished itself as a premier MICE tourist destination in Asia due to its remarkable selection of high-tech meeting facilities, luxurious hotels, and conference halls. Our modern conference rooms are fully furnished with everything you need to host a successful business conference. In addition, we provide decorative services to stimulate your delegates and improve the atmosphere. We offer a variety of solutions to fit any conference needs, regardless of whether you need a small or large location.

An organization’s top executives, external speakers, and the general public are frequently present during conferences. Moreover, conferences are not limited to one organization. Nonetheless, it can have a different appearance depending on the planners and the sector. Panel discussions, presentations, speeches, discussions, and workshops are typical conference activities.

Events and Exhibition

Nepal is hosting more events and exhibitions due to its cultural diversity and values. The way the event is organized and the venue where it takes place is what people remember about it. The need and desires of a firm are met by the expansion of opportunities and the construction of high-quality hotels and exhibition facilities. If the location offers quality accommodations and services, the events and exhibitions are productive. We make your event memorable, whether it is a personal, social, or professional occasion.

According to our opinion, planning an event should begin before choosing the precise location. We are well-equipped to ensure the success of your event through advance preparation, communication, delivery of the plan, and shared evaluation of the event once it has concluded. Events can include activities for teams, product launches, exhibitions, charity performances, workshops, trade shows, or filming. We are always at your side to assist you in planning the event.


Foods are very important during the MICE tour in Nepal. Foods are amazing in Nepal. We provide varieties of food including Nepali, Indian, continental, and Chinese cuisines prepared by talented chefs and spiced with organic ingredients while you staying in Nepal. You can have authentic Nepali cuisine prepared by different caste people in Nepal. As per your choice or taste, our company provides amazing foods on your MICE visits in Nepal. So, no one needs to worry about the food while staying in Nepal.


Our Company provides a wide range of accommodations from deluxe to luxurious hotels with quality service that includes comfortable beds, A/C heaters, hot/cold water, and electrical outlet. As per your budget, we can provide 5-star ranging hotels to 3-star ranging hotels during the MICE tour in Nepal. From large groups to small groups, we can accommodate in a lavish hotel with great quality service.

Why Nepal is popular as a MICE destination

  • Incredible natural beauty

Nepal is known for its incredible natural beauty that attracts a lot of people every year. Due to its amazing natural beauty, it is the best destination for the MICE tour. Along with official work, you can have time to enjoy nature which refreshes your mind.

  • Cultural richness and diversity

Nepal is endowed with an exceptional diversity of cultural beauty that holds special significance in both Hindu and Buddhist faiths. It has been home to many ethnic groups, religions, and cultures that attract people from around the world. During the MICE visit in Nepal, delegates can enjoy the culture and traditions of local people from which they can gain more knowledge about Nepalese society.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is very important on MICE visits in Nepal. You will be accessible by road or air transportation in Nepal according to the destination and your schedule of events. You can be accessed easily in Nepal while attending conferences, meetings, and events.

  • Advance infrastructure

Nepal offers excellent advanced infrastructure on MICE visits in Nepal. With a skilled technical team, we strive to provide excellent technology for audio-video. The venue uses a variety of infrastructure depending on the event.

  • Favorable weather 

Nepal’s weather is so favorable that is suitable for all kinds of delegates around the world.  The weather in Nepal is not so cold and not so hot. Attendees can have good here while on the MICE tour in Nepal. They can enjoy the surrounding views in clear weather.

  • Perfect Venue

Varieties of venues are available in Nepal which are perfect for different, conferences, events, and meetings. Venues play an ideal role in MICE tourism. You can get amazing venues for hosting different events in Nepal.

  • Wide range of accommodation facilities

Though Nepal is a small country on the world map, a wide range of accommodations are available that can accommodate people with great quality. From deluxe to luxurious, ranging from three-star to five-star hotels are available for MICE tourism.

  • Sightseeing and adventure activities

Nepal is the best place for sightseeing and adventure activities. Along with MICE tourism, Nepal is popular for sightseeing and adventure activities as there are lots of cultural and natural cities which can be explored. Adventure activities like paragliding, rafting, bungy jumping, and many more are available that can entertain the staff of the organization.

Refreshment activities

  • Everest Mountain Flight
  • Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan City tour
  • Adventure activities (Jungle Safari, Paragliding, Rafting, Bungy jumping, Ziplining)
  • Trekking in Himalayan Region (Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, Mustang, etc)
  • Wild life activities (Elephant safari, Jeep Safari, Canoeing, Elephant bath, etc.)


Without any doubt, Nepal is the best destination for MICE tourism.  
Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini are the best place for a MICE tour in Nepal. These are the main city areas of Nepal that provide the best facilities during MICE visits.  
Nepal is a culturally and naturally rich country that provides an amazing environment during a MICE visit. Along with meetings, conferences, and events, sightseeing and recreational activities are also available in Nepal. 
Adventure activities (including bungy jumping, rafting, canoeing, and paragliding), and city tour are recreational activities that are available during MICE visits in Nepal.  
A wide range of accommodations is available in Nepal on the MICE tour. You can get a budget to the luxurious hotel which ranges from 3-star to 5-star that provides lavish service. 
Yes, as per your required our company can manage the venue for you.
According to your group size and your comfort, our company can provide different types of vehicles including cars, vans, Hiace, tourist buses, coasters, and jeeps while staying in Nepal.
Yes, we provide professional city guides who have detailed knowledge about the places and history values of that place during sightseeing in Nepal.