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Trip Highlight:

  • A lifetime opportunity to witness numerous Siberian migrating bird species
  • The wetlands and flood plains of Koshi River make for excellent bird-watching locations.
  • Jeep Safari inside the deep jungle of Koshitappu wildlife reserve.
  • Encounter Wild water buffalo.
  • The Sapta Koshi River offers boat tours.
  • The bank of the Sapta Koshi River offers a mesmerizing view of the sunset.
  • Home for around 300 distinct bird species, 200 different fish species, and the endangered swamp partridge.
  •  Bird Paradise Koshi Tappu Wild Life Tour.


The Nepal Bird Watching Tour package offers a fantastic opportunity to observe diverse bird species in Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. Koshitappu wildlife reserve is one of Nepal’s 27 Important Bird Areas. There are about 527 species of resident and migratory birds in this area, according to records. Moreover, the Koshi Tappu and Koshi Barrage region is home to up to 20 bird species that are threatened internationally. The Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve has established a reputation as a haven for birdwatchers. The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve has more than 300 birds, including the critically endangered Swamp Pheasant.

The Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve tour offers to explore the Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. The Koshi tappu wildlife reserve was established in 1976 A.D. to protect the last remaining herd of wild water buffalo, known locally as Arna. It is Nepal’s only wildlife reserve and has covered a 175 km2 area. To ensure the conservation and sustainable use of its wetlands, the reserve was designated as the first Ramsar site of Nepal in 1987. Similar to this, a 173 km2 area around the reserve was designated as the buffer zone in 2004.

Koshi tappu wild life tour package offers to explore the inhabitants of the protected region including numerous faunal species. 200 species of fish have been found in its ponds and waterways, the majority of which are local species. There are two species of toad, nine species of frog, six species of lizard, five species of snake, and eleven species of turtle. There are also gharials and mugger crocodiles. Moreover, the Koshi River harbors small populations of threatened animals like the Gangetic dolphin.

The Nepal Bird watching tour package includes a canoe ride, slide exhibitions, bird observation, traditional dances, and visits to unique village settlements. A morning jungle walk by the river lagoons and wetlands is also included. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of Mount Makalu and a trip to the Koshi Barrage. Another option for exploring the area is to raft on the Koshi River. The wonderfully decorated residences and the Tharu people’s unspoiled way of life can make for an interesting part of the trip. Koshi Tappu is the ideal location for all nature lovers and experts visiting to Nepal.

Vehicle Nepal is a registered company managed by Graceful Adventure, that provides 2-night 3-days, and 3-nights 4-days tour packages as well as customizable trip. We provide the best itinerary for the Nepal Bird-watching tour in Koshi-tappu Wildlife Reserve that includes adventure activities like; Nature walks, Jeep Safari, Canoeing, and Bird watching. We can arrange all services for our guests including lodging, meals, and transportation for this package. And also, provide professional and qualified tour guides who can make your trip more informative.



  • Day 1- Arrival at Koshi-tappu Wildlife reserve

    Welcome to Koshitappu wildlife reserve. After arriving in Biratnagar, the journey to Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve takes a two-hour drive via the picturesque fields and villages and stops at the visitor center. At the information center, you may learn more about the wildlife that inhabits the area and views the animals’ preserved bones. Continue your independent exploration and birdwatching throughout the day.  The reserve is one of Nepal’s wintering grounds for birds from Siberia, China, and Mongolia. One of the major attractions of this small protected area is the winter migration of these birds. Overnight in hotel

  • Day 2- Full Day Birdwatching and Jungle Safari

    On this day, you will take a jeep safari into the jungle and watch the wildlife. Take pictures of and enjoy the stunning plants and animals that the reserve has to offer. Also, you will be traveling close to swamps where you can observe marsh muggers, water buffaloes, and other unique bird species. Together with birds, the Koshi River is home to Gangetic Dolphins. Overnight in hotel

  • Day 3- Final Departure

    This is your final day in Koshi tappu wildlife reserve. According to your departure time, our representative will drop you airport/bus stop, as per your next destination.

Essential info:


Quality lodging with a wide range of amenities including A/C, heaters, hot/cold showers, comfy beds, and electrical outlets. We provide a selection of hotels and resort that range from deluxe to luxurious. We can also provide a budget hotel and resort as per your preference.


Vehicle Nepal gives the best transport service for Koshitappu Wildlife reserve tour packages by Land and air. Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve is 376km away from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

By flight

We are an authorized travel sales agent of domestic and international flight booking systems. Biratnagar Airport is the only domestic airport located near Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. Biratnagar airport is 232km away from Kathmandu. The duration of the flight is 45min. More than 8 flights are operated in a day to Biratnagar from Kathmandu. Similarly, from Pokhara daily one flight operates to Biratnagar which takes 1 hour to reach.

By Land 

Vehicle Nepal arranges all kinds of land transportation by luxury Car Bus Jeep Toyota hiace during the Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve tour. According to your group member or distance, we can provide different vehicles. Our representative will come to receive or drop you off at the Bus stop. If you want the private vehicle from Kathmandu to Koshitappu to Kathmandu and other destinations as well. From Kathmandu, you’ll pass through the B.P highway, which is 341km away and takes approximately 10-12 hours to reach.


Authentic Nepali, Indian, continental, and Chinese cuisines are served in Koshitaappu and are made by talented chefs using organic products. We take you to upscale restaurants with a serene ambiance and breathtaking views of the surroundings.

In Bardia, there are Tharu inhabitants. You can thus consume traditional Tharu food such as fish, crab, snails, wild mushrooms, Dhikri, Pakuwa, Bagiya, and many others. These foods are prepared by the natives in a clean manner.


Koshitappu Wildlife tour package price differs according to your itinerary, accommodation, transportation, and group. If your group is in a big size, then the cost will be low.

For a vacation to Koshitappu, getting travel insurance is optional. Though it is not mandatory to have travel insurance for the Koshitappu tour. Anything may go wrong on the worst day. So, you can also have insurance for that. But until now, there haven’t been any accidents of that nature, and we hope they won’t in the future.

It’s not compulsory to hire a guide. But we always recommend hiring a professional and knowledgeable guide to make your trip more informative. They will help you to spot birds and different animals in the Koshitappu wildlife reserve.

Bird-watching, Canoeing, Jeep Safari, boating on the Koshi river, Camping, and Nature walking are the activities available on the Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve tour package.

Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve was established to conserve the last remaining Asian Wild Buffalo and is home to approximately 500 bird species. It is the best spot for bird-watching in Nepal.

A wide range of accommodations is available during the Koshitappu tour package. You’ll be accommodated in a deluxe to a luxurious hotel and also a budget hotel as per your preference. Homestay is also available during the Koshitappu tour package.

Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve can go through Air and Roadway. It takes 45min on the flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar airport. Then from Biratnagar, it takes 2hrs to reach Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve. Similarly, it takes approximately 12-13 hours from Kathmandu to Koshitappu Wildlife Reserve.

We provide a 2-night 3-days and 3-night 4-day package, but if you want to customize then we can customize the itinerary according to your wants.

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