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Trip Highlight:

  • Explore the ancient city of Bhaktapur.
  • Visit UNESCO world heritage sites in Bhaktapur including four squares.
  • Discover the Art and Architecture of the Malla era.
  • Durbar Square; Golden Gate, 55-windows, Siddhi Laxmi stone temple,
  • Observe clay work performed by local people in Pottery Square.
  • Ascend some stairs in Nayatapola, which is the tallest temple in Nepal, as well asobserve Bhairav temple and Til Mahadev.
  • Dattatreya Square; Dattatreya temple, and Peacock window “known as Monalisa of
  • Explore the culture, tradition, religion, and lifestyle of the Newari people.
  • Engage in festivals like Bisket Jatra and Gai Jatra.


One day Bhaktapur Tour package is an amazing opportunity to explore the medieval city of Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is referred to as the “city of devotees.” It is situated 14 kilometers east of the national capital. The ancient city, which is four square miles in size and still maintains the charm of the Middle Ages, welcomes guests with a large variety of historical, cultural, and artistic wonders. Ancient customs, vibrant celebrations, wooden and stone crafts, temples with fine architecture and picturesque ponds, mask dances performed to traditional Newari music, and a small community may all be found in Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur Heritage tour leads you to explore four squares inside Bhaktapur Durbar Square which are Durbar Square, Taumadi Square, Pottery Square, and Dattatreya Square. The Bhaktapur Durbar Square is an open museum with fascinating palaces, courtyards, royal baths, statues, pagodas, temples designed after Shikhara, a Buddhist monastery, and excellent architecture.

It is a huge collection of stone art, metal art, wood carving, terracotta art, and architectural showpieces. The monuments are the best representations of medieval excellence. You may visit the traditional painting school right around the corner, the ideal way to take a piece of Nepal with you. The Golden Gate, 55 Window Palace, Vatsala Temple, Rameshwor and Kedarnath Temple, Stone Temple of Siddhilaxmi, and Octagonal Structure are the main attraction of the square.

Similarly, A Day tour in Bhaktapur takes Taumadi Square is famous for Nayatapola temple “five-storied temple”. The stunning Nayatapola Temple, one of Nepal’s tallest temples, and the Bhairabnath Temple stand in this square to the north and east, respectively. This five-story temple is made of wood and bricks and is devoted to Siddhi Lakshmi.

This five-story Siddhi Lakshmi temple is made of bricks and wood and is devoted to her. Because of its durable construction, this temple survived two earthquakes without experiencing any damage. And pottery square where one can observe the clay work. It is aground of clay arts that local people prepared.

Dattatreya Square is another hotspot of the Bhaktapur trip. The Hindu trinity temple that is in the heart of Dattatraya Square dates back to the fifteenth century. With miniature temples and Pujarimath, which is regarded as a wood carving museum, the atmosphere is particularly pleasant. The Peacock Window, often known as the Monalisa of Nepal, belongs to the fifteenth century.

Vehicle Nepal is the tour company run by Graceful Adventure. Our company provides great service during a day tour to Bhaktapur. During your tour, a professional guide will be there who provides details knowledge about the art, architecture, culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the local people. We can also arrange for any other services you might need. All of your travel arrangements, including lodging, meals, and hotel reservations, can be arranged by us. We will provide qualified and experienced tour guides who can make your trip effective.

Temple/Monuments Around One Day Bhaktapur Tour Package

Chardham:-  The Char Dham temples are a group of four temples that are regarded as the spot that aids in salvation or moksha. There are four such temples that are regarded as Char Dham temples in Bhaktapur as well. Because the original Char Dham temples are far away, the temples were then built for the convenience of the general people. Thus, King Bhupatindra Malla insisted on having these temples built inside the Bhaktapur Palace’s courtyard.

Rameshwor temple :- Rameshwar, a Gum Baja-style temple in front of Gopi Nath Temple, is the first temple that is visible to the right of the gate. Shiva is worshipped in this open shrine, which has four pillars.

Badrinath temple:- West of the Gopi Nath Temple lies a small shrine known locally as Badri Narayan, which is devoted to Vishnu and Naraya

Kedarnath temple:- The Kedarnath (Shiva) Temple is a Shikara-style temple made of terracotta.

Gopi Nath temple/ Jagannath:- The Gopi Nath Temple, which is connected to the Rameshwar Temple and contains the three gods Balaram, Subhadra, and Krishna, is built in the style of a two-roofed pagoda. The door is still mostly closed, making it challenging to see the deities. The temple is also known as Jagannath, another incarnation of Vishnu.

Ugrachandi and Ugrabhairab:-  It is commonly known that Ugrachandi is the most furious female deity on earth. Her name means “greater than anything else” or “limitless,” and Chandi denotes the fiercest female deity. Just behind the statue of the Ugrachandi is the sculpture of Bhairava. Together with the Ugrachandi sculpture, King Bhupatindra Malla also gave the order for its erection. The Bhairava is regarded as one of Lord Shiva’s most
dreadful manifestations, along with the Ugrachandi.

Erotic Elephant temple:- A hiti is located on the left directly before the square’s entrance (water fountain). A little Shiva-Parvati Temple with a double roof and sensual sculptures on its struts lies just 100 meters before the entrance, a few steps away but on the opposite side of the road. In the missionary pose, one of these depicts a pair of copulating elephants.

55-windows palace:- 55 Window Palace is another master of woodcarving inside the Golden gate. The palace is well recognized for its fifty-five artistically carved windows. The Shah monarch gave the palace, which had previously gone by the name Nye Nyeppa Jhya Layaku, the inspirational name Pachpane Jhyale Durbar.

In addition to the largest wood carving in Bhaktapur Durbar Square, the palace today provides us with some of the finest wall paintings from the Malla dynasty.

5-storied temple:- In the Newari language, the term “Nyatapola” refers to five stories, representing the fundamental elements. The largest and tallest pagoda ever constructed in Nepal, it features exceptional architectural design and artistic beauty. The base of the temple is supposed to be wider than its foundation. The goddess Shiddhilaxmi is worshipped in this temple. The sculptures that are arranged in a straight line on either side of the stairway serve as guardians of the temple and its resident goddess, who is visible from the temple’s base up in five layers.

Bhairav temple:- Bhairava, the most ferocious form of Lord Shiva, is the centerpiece of the Bhairab Nath Temple. It is situated at Taumadi square just beside the Nayatapola temple.

The National Art Museum:- The National Art Museum is the only museum that has sculptures from the Malla and Lichhavi eras in its collection. Manuscripts and artwork from the Malla era are kept in collections in the museum. Moreover, it still has some of the statues from the demolished temples in 1934. It is worth wandering around in the gallery, which is outside of the Royal Palace in Simhadhwoka.

Statue of Narshima and Hanuman:- Statues of Narshima and Hanuman are situated just in front of Simhadwaka Durbar’s (now the National Art Museum) doors, together with two enormous lions. The palace with lions on the gate is how the palace came to be known as Simhadhwoka durbar. King Bhupatindra Malla anchored up these two images

The Golden Gate:- King Ranjit Malla, the last Malla ruler, left behind The Golden Gate, also referred to as the Swarnadwar. It was the best invention made during that time even though it was the Malla era’s most important contribution. The replica of Taleju, Astamatrika symbols, Purna Kalash (a lucky charm), Nepalese roofing design, Ganesha temple, and the present national flag of Nepal. The gate appears to be a full package, featuring prominent spangles and Nepalese architecture, carvings, symbols, temples, and inscriptions

Vatsala Temple:- The Vatsala Devi Temple is situated in front of the palace, near to the king’s statue, and close to the Taleju Bell. Similar to the Krishna temple in Patan, this Shikhara- style temple is entirely made of sandstone and rests on a three-stage plinth. It is dedicated to the goddess Vatsala Devi, a manifestation of Durga. King Jitamitra Malla first constructed the temple in 1696. The Vatsala Durga Temple is what makes Bhaktapur Durbar Square so elegantly white. The Sri Yantra-shaped temple is dedicated to the Tantric Shakti, also known as Durga.

The Statue of King Bhupatendra Malla:- On a pillar facing the palace, the statue of King Bhupatindra Malla can be seen performing worship. This is thought to be the most stunning statue in the square.

Kumari Ghar:- Durbar Square is quite a distance away from Kumari House, the home of the living goddess. However, after seeing the area surrounding Bhaktapur Durbar Square, one can make a visit to Kumari Ghar.

Peacock window:- The Peacock window is popularly known as the Monalisa of Nepal which was from the 5 th century.

Why One Day Bhaktapur Tour is Famous Around The world

  • UNESCO world heritage site
  • King Curd
  • Bhatgaule Topi
  • Haku Patasi
  • Newari Cuisine
  • Thangka paintings
  • Handicrafts
  • Gaijatra
  • Bisket Jatra



  • Pick up and drop by private Vehicle from Hotel to Hotel in Kathmandu
  • All the government taxes and services charges  for client.
  • Professional government license holder English speaking guide.
  • Entrance fee for guide and clients
  • Drinks and Food of clients and guide
  • Tipping  for guide and driver( tipping is expected).
  • Any other expenses which are not mentioned on including section.

Essential info:

Transportation Service on One Day Bhaktapur Tour Package

For a one day Bhaktapur tour, our company provides private vehicles. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is 11km away from the Tribhuvan International Airport which takes approximately 30 mins to reach by the overland journey.

Vehicle Nepal can provide the Car, Van, Hiace, and Tourist bus according to your group member. With the presence of a well-trained licensed holder vehicle operator, we provide vehicles. Self-drive is not available in our company.

One-day tour to Bhaktapur is an amazing opportunity to explore the medieval city of Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is referred to as the “city of devotees.” It is situated 14 kilometers east of the national capital. The ancient city, which is four square miles in size and still maintains the charm of the Middle Ages, welcomes guests with a large variety of historical, cultural, and artistic wonders. Ancient customs, vibrant celebrations, wooden and stone crafts, temples with fine architecture and picturesque ponds, mask dances performed to traditional Newari music, and a small community may all be found in Bhaktapur.


Your day starts after breakfast. So, our company provides lunch during your one-day trip. As per your taste, we offer varieties of food that are available in Bhaktapur. Our guide takes you to a specific restaurant for a lunch according to your taste.

City tour guide on One day Bhaktapur Tour package

A guide is very important during your tour of Bhaktapur. With a presence of a professional tour guide, you can explore Bhaktapur city. For a day tour, our company provides a professional licensed holder city tour guide who can explain details information about the place, heritage site, art, architecture, culture, tradition, and lifestyle of local people. An experienced guide will have details knowledge about the places where they take you safely. Your day tour starts from 8 am to 5 pm for ten-hour. We provide English as well as other language-speaking guides who can communicate clearly with the guest.

Entrance Fee for Bhaktapur Durbar Square for SARRC and Foreigner

Foreigner Rs 1800

SAARC Country  Rs. 500


It takes around 4 to 6 hour. our company organized the one day tour but as per client desire we will make it shorter and longer.

Yes, you can add what you like but charge will be extra. we will suggest to you Nagarkot sunrise with bhaktapur tour package, Saga Shiva Statue, Chagunarayan temple etc.

17 Km distance from thamel to Bhaktapur distance. It will takes around 45 minutes to One hour.

Yes you can. we will arrange the customize and fixed tour package in Nepal.

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