Tourist Bus Rental in Nepal

Tourist Bus rental in Nepal

Tourist bus rental in Nepal
Tourist bus rental in Nepal

Vehicle Nepal offers Tourist bus rental service in Nepal, providing an excellent option for large-sized groups seeking convenient and comfortable transportation. These buses provide a practical and pleasant mode of travel for large parties of 25 to 40 persons.

These buses provide ample space for a group to journey together comfortably, making them ideal for group tours, corporate outings, and educational excursions. Vehicle Nepal simplifies the process of booking a tourist bus during your stay in Nepal, ensuring a hassle-free experience for travelers seeking efficient and reliable transportation for their group adventures.

With the opportunity of renting a tourist bus with Vehicle Nepal, exploring the beautiful nation of Nepal is even more feasible. These buses are ideal for touring popular tourist locations like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, and Pokhara as they can accommodate a sizable group comfortably.

The tourist bus rental service  from Vehicle Nepal is designed to provide a hassle-free option for group travel in Nepal. This service ensures comfortable and efficient group travel, enhancing your overall Nepal journey, be it cultural, wildlife, or scenic exploration.

Tourist bus rental in Nepal offers a significant advantage with its spacious seating and ample capacity, ensuring that passengers can travel collectively in comfort. The interior is thoughtfully designed, prioritizing passenger well-being with features like reclining seats, air conditioning, and additional amenities. This creates an enjoyable journey, allowing passengers to move around freely, stretch their legs, and appreciate the scenic beauty of Nepal while experiencing a high level of comfort throughout the trip.

Our company offers convenient online tourist bus booking services in Nepal, simplifying the process for travelers seeking transportation for group adventures. With our user-friendly platform, planning group travel is a breeze, whether you’re organizing cultural explorations, wildlife safaris, or scenic tours across Nepal’s stunning landscapes. We provide a hassle-free and efficient way to secure reliable transportation, ensuring that your journey through Nepal is both seamless and enjoyable, allowing you to focus on making lasting memories with your group.

The best tourist bus rental services in Nepal offer vehicles equipped to navigate the country’s diverse terrains, from bustling city streets to rugged mountain roads. This versatility enables travelers to embark on journeys to various destinations, including the vibrant capital city of Kathmandu, the serene lakeside town of Pokhara, and the remote wilderness areas in national parks like Chitwan and Sagarmatha, where the majestic Mount Everest resides.

With reliable and well-maintained buses, these services ensure that travelers can explore Nepal’s diverse landscapes comfortably and safely.

Tourist bus rental Price in Nepal is very affordable with us. Travelers have a flexible and affordable option when renting a tourist bus in Nepal because the price is based on factors like the duration and distance of your trip. This pricing structure makes group travel in Nepal customized and cost-effective by ensuring that you pay according to the particular needs of your trip.

We go the extra mile by covering expenses like parking fees, and driver accommodation, ensuring that there are no hidden costs or surprises. However, entrance fees for specific sites are to be covered separately, ensuring a straightforward and budget-friendly travel experience with our reliable services.

We are Renting The Tourist Bus for Different Purpose

Tourist bus rental for the Nepal Tour

Tourist bus rental for Nepal tour
Tourist bus rental for Nepal tour

Tourist bus rentals are an excellent choice for a comprehensive and comfortable Nepal tour experience. Our well-maintained buses, designed with a capacity of 40 seats, cater to the needs of groups ranging from 25 to 40 people, ensuring ample space and comfort.

Whether you’re exploring the serene lakeside city of Pokhara, the sacred sites of Lumbini, or the wildlife treasures of Chitwan, our tourist buses provide a reliable and comfortable means of transportation. With a commitment to quality service, including experienced drivers and well-sanitized vehicles, Vehicle Nepal ensures that your journey through the diverse landscapes of Nepal is not only efficient but also memorable.

Our tourist bus rentals are adaptable enough to handle religious pilgrimages in addition to affording passengers of all ages a spacious and comfortable atmosphere for city-to-city travel. From the historic Kathmandu Valley to the tea gardens of Illam and the cultural richness of Dharan, our buses provide the flexibility to explore various destinations according to your preferences. With Vehicle Nepal, your Nepal tour becomes a personalized and enjoyable adventure, marked by the convenience, safety, and quality service provided by our dedicated team.

Tourist bus rental for the Education Tour

Tourist bus rentals are the perfect choice for educational tours, especially when accommodating a large group of students. These buses, designed for comfort, can comfortably transport a significant number of students, making them an excellent option for educational excursions.

Educational tours play a vital role in refreshing students’ minds, expanding their knowledge of the outside world, and providing valuable bonding time with friends and teachers. With tourist buses, these excursions become even more convenient and enjoyable, ensuring that students can focus on their learning experiences.

Moreover, tourist buses offer ample storage space, allowing students to carry their baggage and necessary equipment for field visits. This ensures that educational tours are well-equipped and organized, providing a seamless and enriching experience for students. Whether exploring historical sites, natural wonders, or cultural landmarks, renting a tourist bus enhances the educational tour, making it a memorable and productive venture for students and educators alike.

Tourist bus rental for wedding ceremony in Kathmandu/ Pokhara 

Tourist bus rental in Kathmandu and Pokhara with Vehicle Nepal
Tourist bus rental in Kathmandu and Pokhara with Vehicle Nepal

Tourist bus rentals from Vehicle Nepal offer an excellent solution for wedding ceremonies, especially when you need to transport large groups of guests. Your wedding day is a special and precious moment, and our tourist buses are the perfect choice for ensuring smooth transportation during this important occasion. When you entrust us with your wedding transportation needs, you can expect reliable and timely service.

Our vehicles will be at your service in the morning, ensuring your guests arrive comfortably and on time, and will be available for the return journey in the evening once the ceremony is complete. Besides tourist buses, we also offer a range of other vehicles, including cars, vans, jeeps, and hiace, to meet all your transportation requirements for your wedding ceremony.

With Vehicle Nepal’s wedding transportation services, you can focus on celebrating your special day while we take care of the logistics. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers ensure that your guests arrive safely and comfortably, making your wedding day even more memorable and stress-free.

Whether you’re planning a grand wedding celebration or an intimate gathering, our rental services are designed to meet your specific needs and make your wedding transportation a seamless part of your special day.

Tourist bus rental for Organization uses

Our tourist bus rentals cater to the diverse needs of organizations, providing a comfortable and efficient solution for various purposes. Whether it’s an official tour, corporate ceremonies, business meetings, or any other events, a tourist bus offers the ideal mode of transportation for carrying large groups securely and comfortably.

The spacious seating and amenities ensure that organizational activities can be conducted smoothly, fostering a productive and enjoyable environment. NGOs, INGOs, and companies seeking reliable transportation for their events can easily contact us. Our commitment to service means that we are always ready to serve you, providing a seamless and convenient transportation solution tailored to the specific requirements of your organization.

With Vehicle Nepal’s tourist bus rentals, organizations can not only ensure the safety and comfort of their members but also streamline logistical aspects of their events. Our well-maintained buses and experienced drivers contribute to the success of your organizational activities, allowing you to focus on the goals and objectives of your tours, ceremonies, meetings, and events without any transportation-related concerns.

Tourist Bus Renting in Nepal from Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan and Lumbini 

Tourist bus rental in Kathmandu

Tourist bus rental in kathmandu
Tourist bus rental in kathmandu

Vehicle Nepal is a premier service provider offering tourist bus rental services in Kathmandu. Our company is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for tourists exploring the enchanting landscapes of Nepal. We customize tourist bus rentals for adventure seekers, cultural tours, and corporate retreats, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer.

The buses are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring passengers’ safety and comfort throughout their journey. The professional and experienced drivers at Vehicle Nepal prioritize punctuality and reliability, guaranteeing that travelers can focus on soaking in the beauty of Nepal while leaving the transportation logistics in capable hands.

When it comes to exploring the rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking natural wonders of Nepal, Vehicle Nepal stands out as the go-to choice for tourist bus rental in Kathmandu. Our company takes pride in its commitment to providing not just transportation but a holistic travel solution.

Whether clients are planning a sightseeing tour around the Kathmandu Valley or an extended journey to discover the hidden gems of Nepal, Vehicle Nepal’s tourist bus rental service offers flexibility in terms of routes and schedules. The buses are designed to accommodate varying group sizes, making them ideal for family vacations, group tours, or any occasion where a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation is essential.

With Vehicle Nepal, tourists can embark on their exploration with confidence, knowing that they have a trustworthy partner for a seamless and memorable travel experience

Tourist bus rental in Pokhara

Vehicle Nepal offers acclaimed tourist bus rental in Pokhara which is ideal for exploring natural wonders and cultural treasures. Our well-maintained buses offer comfort and reliability, enhancing the Pokhara experience for travelers. With a fleet of well-maintained buses and a commitment to exceptional service, Vehicle Nepal ensures that tourists have a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation to enhance their Pokhara experience.

Whether it’s a group of trekkers setting off on a journey into the Annapurna range, travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the city’s rich cultural heritage, or families looking for a convenient way to explore the stunning Pokhara Valley, Vehicle Nepal’s tourist bus rental services are meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer.

Vehicle Nepal, a trusted travel company in Pokhara, ensures a secure and enjoyable journey amidst the majestic Himalayas. Their skilled drivers navigate the terrain with expertise, prioritizing passenger safety and satisfaction. As we provide Tourists can fully immerse themselves in Pokhara’s natural beauty and cultural diversity. Punctuality and reliability define our commitment, making us the preferred choice for a hassle-free and memorable travel experience, whether it’s a day trip or an extended exploration of the Annapurna region.

Tourist bus rental in Lumbini

In the serene city of Lumbini, renowned as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Vehicle Nepal stands as a reliable provider of tourist bus rental services. For those wishing to tour the sacred sites within Lumbini, including the historic Lumbini Garden and Maya Devi Temple, this rental service provides a seamless solution. Additionally, for those eager to venture beyond the city limits and discover the surrounding beauty and spiritual essence, the service offers convenient transportation options.

Our company ensures a comfortable and convenient mode of transportation, allowing pilgrims and tourists to absorb the spiritual ambience of Lumbini with ease. With a fleet of well-maintained buses and experienced drivers, we also cater to diverse travel needs, providing flexibility for both city tours and excursions to the tranquil outskirts of Lumbini.

For those eager to delve into the cultural and spiritual significance of Lumbini, our company’s tourist bus rental services provide the flexibility to explore not only the city’s immediate attractions but also the broader region. Whether it’s a pilgrimage to nearby Buddhist monasteries, a visit to archaeological sites, or a journey to the picturesque landscapes surrounding Lumbini, our company ensures a comfortable and reliable transportation experience.

Travelers can embark on a comprehensive exploration, guided by the assurance of dependable transport services tailored to their specific itinerary, offering a memorable and enriching experience in this sacred city.

Tourist bus rental in Chitwan

Vehicle Nepal offers versatile tourist bus rental services in the captivating Chitwan region, suitable for diverse needs. Whether you’re planning to explore the cities nearby attractions or embark on a journey beyond its borders, our services provide a reliable and comfortable transportation solution for an enriching travel experience. Our well-maintained buses are at your service, providing the ideal transportation solution for a wide range of travel needs. With the help of our buses, you can easily tour Chitwan inside the city, taking in the local culture, wildlife sanctuaries, and bustling local life.
Our tourist bus rental services include trips outside of the city for individuals who have a desire for exploration. Wildlife safaris, outdoor outings, and excursions to nearby cities and villages are all incredibly accessible from Chitwan. You can be sure that your travels in Chitwan, whether within the city limits or beyond, will be memorable and pleasurable because to Vehicle Nepal’s dedication to safety, comfort, and dependability, filled with the natural splendor and cultural diversity of this alluring region.

Seat Capacity in rental Tourist Bus

The tourist bus is designed to cater to a wide range of group sizes, offering a seat capacity that accommodates between 25 to 40 persons. This flexible seating arrangement makes it an excellent choice for diverse travel groups, including large families, corporate outings, and organized tours.

Whether embarking on a sightseeing adventure or facilitating group transportation for special events, the bus provides ample space and comfort for passengers. With a capacity that spans from 25 to 40 seats, the tourist bus ensures that groups of varying sizes can travel together conveniently, fostering a shared and enjoyable journey for all passengers.


Contact Details for Tourist bus Rental in Nepal.

You can contact us in different ways to book a vehicle. For further booking you can contact us:

Kathmandu Office:  9851219412 WhatsApp/Viber

Pokhara Office: 9856019412 Whats app/ Viber

E-mail ID:

Location of Office:  Amrit Marga , Thamel-Kathmandu

As a Company For Tourist Bus Rental in Nepal 

Vehicle Nepal is a registered travel company in Nepal. From Vehicle Nepal you can book a tourist bus ticket from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Syabrubesi, and Besisahar. We provide luxurious, clean, and neat tourist buses with great service including A/C conditioners, comfortable seats, mineral water, and blanket for the night shift. Buying bus tickets online from Kathmandu to Pokhara is simple and safe. e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and other methods of payment are available. It is advised to buy your ticket in advance to guarantee a good seat on a bus during rush hour.

Available Fleets


20-40 Passenger


20-35 Travelers


20-30 Travelers


Varieties of Vehicles

Vehicle Nepal offers varieties and branded Vehicles for guests. You can rent a car, jeep, Van, Hiace, Coaster, Mini Bus, and Tourist Bus.

Easy and quick Online Services

Vehicle Nepal is always available to keep in touch with you as we also provide online service which is easy and quick. You can book vehicles easily and on time whenever you want. You can book a vehicle easily online.

Experienced Driver

Vehicle Nepal provides a well-experienced driver who makes your journey smooth and safe travel to your destination within Nepal. They have good knowledge of the geography of the location and navigation skills to make your trip enjoyable. Also, they will help to load and unload your luggage.

Cleaned and Sanitize Vehicles

Vehicles Nepal values your health. Our Vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized. We will clean and well-sanitize each vehicle properly before providing you to keep you away from germs and diseases.

Luxury and Comfortable seat

All Vehicles are well-maintained and regularly serviced. We always assure the comfort of our guests by providing comfortable seats. We offer our clients a comfortable journey.

Reasonable Price

Vehicle Nepal offers you a reasonable price. You can rent the Vehicles at a reasonable price. You can provide us with information about your plans, expected duration, and destinations so we can get you the best rates for your rental car service.

Privacy and Freedom

There is no freedom and privacy while using public transportation. You can stop wherever you want and do whatever you want. Though you’ve to follow traffic rules and company’s guidelines.

Insurance Facilities

Insurance is very important for you if anything happened while renting a Vehicle. We will provide insurance up to NPR500000.

Fixed rates

Prices for the rented car are fixed. We provide affordable prices for you. So, you don’t need to ask for bargaining.

Booking Flexibility

You can book a car for rent online which is very flexible for you. You can contact us directly for booking.

24 hours Customer Service

We are always there for you to provide services. 24 hours customer services are available in our company.


We are sorry that we don’t offer self-drive. We provide the rental vehicle with a driver only.
No, you don’t need to arrange meals and accommodation for the driver. Our Company will manage meals and accommodation for the Driver.
Our all drivers are well-trained, experienced, and professionals in driving skills. They will take you safely to your destination.
No, there are no limitations on KM during the rentals of Vehicles. We will offer the most competitive prices while focusing primarily on the time frame and specific itinerary of our client.
No, there won't be any extra fees to pay when you rent the vehicles in Nepal. When visiting UNESCO world heritage sites, or any places you must pay an entrance fee, this amount is not included in the rental cost.
Car, Jeep, Van, Hiace, Coaster, Mini-bus, and Tourist bus are available in our company.
Yes, you can do Online bookings for rented vehicles.
For the Nepali local people we accept cash in hand, online transfer or deposit to directly company account and for international tourist Bank transfer and cash in hand.