Van Rental in Nepal

Van Rental in Nepal

Vehicle Nepal a leading company car rental company in Nepal provides the servic a Van rental in Nepal with a diverse fleet catering to a variety of transportation needs. It provides a versatile and convenient transportation solution for a variety of travel needs. These vans come in different sizes and configurations, accommodating diverse passenger numbers and cargo requirements. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a group outing, or a business trip, rental vans offer ample space and flexibility.

Van offers a remarkable seating capacity of up to 15 to 25 passengers, which proves our commitment to versatility. Whether you’re embarking on a small group adventure with friends or planning a larger family outing, our vans seamlessly accommodate various group sizes. The range of vans, with seating capacities spanning from 8 to 15 passengers, ensures a practical and comfortable solution for diverse travel scenarios. This flexibility makes Vehicle Nepal an excellent choice for those seeking tailored transportation options that prioritize both convenience and comfort.

Van rental in Nepal provides a versatile transportation solution, catering to diverse travel needs with flexibility and convenience. These vans are not limited to city travel but are also well-equipped for exploring the diverse landscapes of Nepal. They excel in navigating the narrow streets of Kathmandu and are equally capable of embarking on scenic journeys to popular destinations such as Pokhara. These vans are engineered to navigate diverse terrains, ensuring a smooth transition from urban adventures to rugged explorations in Nepal’s natural beauty. This versatility makes them a dependable choice for travelers with varied itineraries, offering a seamless and reliable mode of transportation.

Our streamlined and customer-friendly rental process, featuring online van rental services in Nepal, ensures a hassle-free experience for clients. Booking through our customer service channels is also effortless. Additionally, our rental packages often include experienced drivers familiar with local routes, ensuring both convenience and safety for passengers, particularly beneficial for tourists unfamiliar with Nepal’s road conditions, allowing them to relax and enjoy the journey while professionals handle the driving.

Hiring a van in Nepal with Vehicle Nepal ensures a commitment to customer satisfaction that transcends the rental process. Our company places a strong emphasis on vehicle maintenance and cleanliness, guaranteeing that clients receive well-maintained vans for their travels. This unwavering commitment to quality and reliability significantly enhances the overall travel experience, instilling peace of mind for those relying on Vehicle Nepal’s services. From seamless journeys to a focus on customer needs, Vehicle Nepal stands out as a dependable choice for anyone seeking a trustworthy van rental experience in Nepal.

The price of renting a van in Nepal is exceptionally affordable with Vehicle Nepal. Depending on the duration and distance of the ride, prices vary, allowing you flexibility in choosing rentals for a few hours or several months. Our commitment to providing affordable, high-quality service is reflected in our comprehensive package covering fuel, parking, and driver lodging expenses. With us, you’re guaranteed not to incur additional charges beyond the initially estimated cost, except for site entrance fees, ensuring a transparent and cost-efficient rental experience. Our company prioritizes transparency and cost-effectiveness to deliver a hassle-free and budget-friendly van rental experience for our valued clients.

Our company takes pride in offering the best van rental services in Nepal, providing well-maintained and comfortable vans from renowned brands. Whether you’re embarking on a full-day exploration or a half-day sightseeing tour, we are dedicated to delivering the best service. Our van rentals include professional drivers and helpers who prioritize safety and convenience throughout your journey. While self-driving is not an option with us, you can trust our company to provide a dependable and enjoyable transportation solution for all your travel needs in the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal.

As the renowned and best van rental company in Nepal, Vehicle Nepal prioritizes your safety and comfort. Our fleet consists of meticulously cleaned and sanitized vehicles, each offering comfortable seating to ensure the utmost comfort for our valued clients. Safety remains our top priority, and we achieve this by providing well-trained and experienced drivers. Whatever your vehicle preferences or travel needs may be, we are dedicated to fulfilling them seamlessly across Nepal. It would be our pleasure to be a part of your journey, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and memorable travel experience that exceeds your expectations.

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Van rental for City tour

Van rental for a city tour offers a convenient and comfortable way to explore urban destinations. These rentals provide spacious interiors, allowing you to travel with ease and comfort while enjoying the sights and attractions of the city. Whether you’re visiting historical landmarks, museums, or cultural hotspots, a rental van ensures that you and your group can travel together seamlessly, making it an ideal choice for family vacations, school trips, or group outings.

Moreover, van rentals for city tours often come with experienced drivers who are familiar with the local roads and can provide valuable insights about the city’s history and culture. This not only enhances the overall experience but also ensures that you can navigate through the bustling streets and crowded areas with ease. With the flexibility to customize your itinerary and the convenience of a rental van, you can make the most of your city tour, discovering all that your destination has to offer.

Van rental for Destination drop

Van rental for destination drop is a practical and efficient transportation solution for those seeking a one-way journey to a specific location. Whether you’re heading to an airport, a hotel, or another city, rental vans offer flexibility and convenience. This service is particularly useful for individuals or groups who don’t plan to return to the original pickup location. It eliminates the need for a round trip and allows for a straightforward, point-to-point transfer, saving time and effort.

When opting for a van rental for destination drop, you can expect a comfortable and reliable ride with a professional driver. The vans are well-equipped to accommodate luggage, making it suitable for travelers with belongings or groups with varying luggage sizes. This service provides a hassle-free travel experience, ensuring that you reach your destination safely and comfortably without the complexities of returning the vehicle to the original rental location. Whether it’s an airport drop-off or reaching your next adventure, van rental for destination drop simplifies your journey.

Van rental for Marriage ceremonies

Van rental for marriage ceremonies is a popular choice for efficiently transporting wedding parties, guests, and essential items between venues. These rentals provide a practical and stylish solution, ensuring that everyone arrives at each ceremony or event on time and in comfort. Whether it’s transporting the bridal party to the venue, shuttling guests between the ceremony and reception, or handling logistics for various wedding-related activities, a rental van offers the flexibility and space needed for a smooth and coordinated celebration.

Moreover, van rentals for marriage ceremonies often come with experienced and professional drivers, alleviating the stress of transportation logistics on the big day. The spacious interiors of the vans can accommodate bridal dresses, decorations, and other essentials, making them an excellent choice for handling the various requirements of a wedding. With the convenience of a dedicated transportation service, the bride, groom, and their guests can focus on enjoying the festivities, knowing that the travel aspect of the celebration is well taken care of.

Van rental for Airport transfer

Van rental for airport transfer is a convenient and efficient solution for travelers looking for a seamless journey to and from the airport. These rentals offer comfort and reliability, ensuring that passengers and their luggage are transported safely to their destinations. Whether you’re arriving at the airport and need transportation to your hotel or departing and require a hassle-free ride to catch your flight, a rental van provides the space and convenience needed for stress-free airport transfers.

When opting for van rental for airport transfer, you benefit from the services of experienced and professional drivers who are well-versed in navigating traffic and airport protocols. The vans are designed to accommodate both passengers and luggage, making them suitable for families, groups, or individuals traveling with various belongings. This service not only offers a comfortable and secure ride but also allows travelers to focus on their journey without the worry of parking, traffic, or other logistics commonly associated with airport transportation.

Vehicle Nepal organizing the Van Rental from Kathmandu & Pokhara 

Van rental in Kathmandu

Vehicle Nepal provides a variety of van rental alternatives in Kathmandu to meet a range of needs for travel and other reasons. Whether you’re embarking on a sightseeing tour, requiring airport transfers, or planning special events like weddings or group outings, van rental services in Kathmandu offer flexible options to meet your needs.

With well-maintained vans and experienced drivers, these services ensure a comfortable and reliable travel experience, catering to both locals and tourists exploring the bustling city and its picturesque surroundings.

The convenience of van rentals in Kathmandu extends to accommodating different group sizes, ensuring that families, friends, or even business travelers can find suitable transportation solutions. Whether you’re navigating the city’s vibrant streets or venturing into the serene landscapes beyond, van rentals offer a practical and hassle-free way to move around the diverse and culturally rich region of Kathmandu.

Van rental in Pokhara

this is testVan rental services in Pokhara offer a convenient and flexible transportation solution for various travel purposes. Whether you’re exploring the serene lakeside city, heading to popular tourist destinations like Sarangkot or Phewa Lake, or organizing group outings or events, van rentals in Pokhara cater to diverse needs. With well-maintained vans and experienced drivers, these services ensure a comfortable and reliable travel experience, allowing both locals and tourists to navigate the picturesque landscapes surrounding Pokhara with ease.

Van rental services are accessible in Pokhara and can accommodate a range of party sizes, making them appropriate for larger travel groups, families, and social gatherings. Whether you’re planning a day trip to explore Pokhara’s natural wonders or embarking on a more extended adventure into the Annapurna region, van rentals offer a practical and enjoyable means of transportation. The scenic beauty of Pokhara combined with the convenience of van rentals enhances the overall travel experience, providing a hassle-free way to discover the enchanting landscapes and attractions of this popular destination in Nepal.

Seat capacity of rental Van

Vans provide an impressive seating capacity, accommodating up to 15 passengers. This notable feature makes vans an ideal choice for various group travel scenarios, whether it’s a family outing, group excursion, or corporate transportation. The spacious interiors ensure that passengers can travel comfortably with ample room, making vans a practical and versatile option for those seeking to transport larger groups without sacrificing comfort. With seating capacities ranging from 8 to 15 passengers, our range of vans ensures a practical and comfortable solution for diverse travel scenarios, making Vehicle Nepal the ideal choice for travelers seeking tailored transportation options that prioritize both convenience and comfort.

Available Fleets


Varieties of Vehicles

Vehicle Nepal offers varieties and branded Vehicles for guests. You can rent a car, jeep, Van, Hiace, Coaster, Mini Bus, and Tourist Bus.

Easy and quick Online Services

Vehicle Nepal is always available to keep in touch with you as we also provide online service which is easy and quick. You can book vehicles easily and on time whenever you want. You can book a vehicle easily online.

Experienced Driver

Vehicle Nepal provides a well-experienced driver who makes your journey smooth and safe travel to your destination within Nepal. They have good knowledge of the geography of the location and navigation skills to make your trip enjoyable. Also, they will help to load and unload your luggage.

Cleaned and Sanitize Vehicles

Vehicles Nepal values your health. Our Vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized. We will clean and well-sanitize each vehicle properly before providing you to keep you away from germs and diseases.

Luxury and Comfortable seat

All Vehicles are well-maintained and regularly serviced. We always assure the comfort of our guests by providing comfortable seats. We offer our clients a comfortable journey.

Reasonable Price

Vehicle Nepal offers you a reasonable price. You can rent the Vehicles at a reasonable price. You can provide us with information about your plans, expected duration, and destinations so we can get you the best rates for your rental car service.

Privacy and Freedom

There is no freedom and privacy while using public transportation. You can stop wherever you want and do whatever you want. Though you’ve to follow traffic rules and company’s guidelines.

Insurance Facilities

Insurance is very important for you if anything happened while renting a Vehicle. We will provide insurance up to NPR500000.

Fixed rates

Prices for the rented car are fixed. We provide affordable prices for you. So, you don’t need to ask for bargaining.

Booking Flexibility

You can book a car for rent online which is very flexible for you. You can contact us directly for booking.

24 hours Customer Service

We are always there for you to provide services. 24 hours customer services are available in our company.