West Nepal Tour Package


14 days




Tour, Hike, Rafting and Adventure drive


Hotel and Guest house

Best Season

Spring & Autumn





Trip Highlight:

  • Visit UNESCO’s world heritage sites in Kathmandu.
  • Observe masterworks of architecture, sculpture, and other arts.
  • Scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Surkhet to Kathmandu.
  • Bardia National Park; One of the largest national parks in the lowland of Nepal.
  • Explore the Untouched wilderness in the terai region of Nepal.
  • Thrilling experience while rafting in Karnali.
  • Amazing sunset and sunrise view from Karnali river.
  • Explore Rara Lake; One of Nepal’s purest and deepest lakes.
  • Boating at Rara lake with scenic views of the surroundings.
  • Experience an off-road adventure drive to Rara lake.


West Nepal Tour Package is an amazing trip that includes Bardia and Rara National Park which are the most famous destination in Nepal and also the Kathmandu city tour. The western region of Nepal is still developing as a top tourism destination. People have a great opportunity to be in nature without the inconveniences of a major tourist destination due to the rough mountainous terrain of western Nepal, which also offers a unique culture and unexplored rivers and lakes.

Western Nepal tour package is popular among trekkers and nature lovers. The western region of Nepal is well-known throughout the world for outdoor treks and tours. Trekkers love that many areas of western Nepal are still without modern conveniences. Each year, thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the rural and untamed beauty of nature. You can engage in different activities like Rafting, Horse riding, Boating, Hiking, off-road driving, Wildlife Safari, and observing endangered animals.

The 14-day West Nepal tour includes a Kathmandu city tour. Kathmandu, the capital city, is known for its tradition, culture, and history. You may learn about Buddhism, Hinduism, Nepalese culture, and history at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley. A variety of structures, pieces of art, and religious locations are also visible. You can learn more about the lifestyle, culture, and traditions of the Newari people.

Bardia National Park tour offers to encounter endangered and wild animals. It covers a 968 sq. km. area filled with lovely woodlands and grasslands and is known to be the home of one-horned rhinoceroses and the Royal Bengal tiger. Barida is the largest uninhabited wilderness area in the Terai region of Nepal. You can enjoy the wildlife safari and rafting in Bardia.

Similarly, the Rara Lake tour offers breathtaking views of the mountains that surround it, and the lake’s clear, blue water allows us to appreciate nature free from the negative impacts of pollution. We get to experience untouched, unaltered, and authentic nature at Rara Lake. Rara Lake is one of Nepal’s purest and deepest lakes, situated at an elevation of 2990m from the sea level.

Western Nepal trip packages are unique travel package that is managed by Vehicle Nepal for exploring the natural beauty of those secret palaces. Vehicle Nepal is a registered company belonging to Graceful Adventure. We can also set up any additional services you might require. We can handle making all of your trip arrangements, including lodging, food, and hotel reservations. To ensure that your trip is successful, we will supply knowledgeable and experienced guides and driver.

What we do in West Nepal Tour Package

  • Kathmandu City tour

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which is popular for sightseeing. The Kathmandu day tour is a well-liked sightseeing excursion that rounds the Kathmandu valley. Your exciting journey through historical and renowned heritage places is made possible by a Kathmandu city tour. The historic structures, temples, palaces, and streets of the city allowed visitors to experience life in antiquity. And discover the varied culture and way of life of the locals in Kathmandu.

Mostly, this tour consists of sightseeing in the surrounding valley, which comprises numerous significant tourist attractions. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are visited during a sightseeing trip to Kathmandu. They include Boudhanath Stupa, Swayambhunath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Changunarayan Temple.

  • Bardiya national Park

Bardia National Park is the largest and most well-protected national park in Nepal, with an area of 374 square miles. The Babai River runs through the national park, which is flanked on its eastern side by the Karnali River at the base of the Siwalik Hills. The region is well-preserved by Nepal’s department of national parks and wildlife conservations, with the primary goal being the protection of declining or endangered species.

A total of 125 fish species, 23 reptiles, and amphibian species, 407 bird species, and 53 mammal species are protected by the park. One-horned rhinoceroses, monkeys, royal Bengal tigers, swamp deer, wild elephants, crocodiles, water buffalos, dolphins, and a number of reptiles are among the creatures that you are most likely to encounter. By visiting the park, you can find a total of 839 different plant species and 642 different animal species. The vegetation and fauna of the park are renowned for their variety and richness. The variety of species found in the park will wow nature enthusiasts.

  • Rafting at Karnali river

Rafting at Karnali river is the perfect vacation for anyone looking for a more unique view of Nepal, breathtaking scenery, exciting river action, and all the pleasures of a lengthy river trip in Nepal. It also has the benefit of the take-out point conveniently located for anyone seeking to explore Bardia National Park.

One of Nepal’s top rivers for fishing is the Karnali River. The Karnali River’s rapids are challenging and massive after monsoon rains, however, they are often simple. The river’s volume and number of rapids both increase as it passes through some relatively small gorges. The demands placed on the rafter in low water are more technical but still thrilling.

  • Four Wheel adventure jeep drive

The exhilarating 4WD Adventure Tour will take you through some of the roughest and bumpiest terrains of West Nepal. As it leads us to the exotic location of Rara Lake, rich in breathtaking natural beauty, the Rara Lake 4WD Jeep Tour is one of the most exciting adventure overland tours in Nepal.
You will entirely drive off road starting from Kalikot. You will frequently pass through tiny rivers, towns, picturesque cliffs, forests, and other natural magnificence. Have fun on the off-road trip to Rara Lake.

  • Hiking around the Rara lake

Rara Lake is encircled by two heavily forested hills, Chuchemara Danda (4,087 meters) and Murma (3630 meters). From the lake, one can see the stunning Himalayan Range’s Saipal Peak behind the hills. A beautiful climb leads to Murma Top, a vantage point from which you can overlook the entire lake, its surroundings, and the distant mountain ranges. Although there are some communities near the lake, none are located on its shore.

  • Boating at Rara lake

Rara is a huge lake, and every inch of it is intriguing to explore. Its exceptional location in the Himalayas grants it a climatic advantage, making it a location for a variety of life. Many different types of flora, both common and exotic, line the bank. There is a lot of animal life in and around this lake. Aquatic life comes in many diverse varieties. Also, three of the aquatic endemic species call it home. You might even run into a Red Panda if you’re lucky. With clear water, one can enjoy boating in Rara lake. An early ride is like floating along a mirror because paddle boats are accessible and motorboats are not allowed here. To get to Rara Lake from Milichaur, visitors are provided with a boat ride.

As a  Travel company in Nepal we provide the excellence travel service for West Nepal Tour Package.  We will provide the accommodation on Deluxe hotel in Kathmandu and Bardiya and other places we will provide the typical guest house. We will prefer the local typical Nepali local organic food in west Nepal Tour package.


  • Day 1-Arrival Nepal

    Welcome to Nepal. Our representative will be at the airport with a plyboard of your name or company name to receive you. You’ll then escort to your respective hotel from Tribhuvan International Airport.

    Overnight in Hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Day 2-Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

    On this day, you’ll explore Kathmandu City. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which is famous for its religious sites. UNESCO listed Seven world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley; Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Swaymabunath, Boudhhanath, Pashupatinath, and Changunarayan temple.

    Your day starts the late morning after having breakfast. You’ll explore the historical sites in a presence of a tour guide who is professional and qualified. You can get a brief knowledge about the culture, tradition, Festivals, Art, architecture, and lifestyle of local people. After completing your tour, you’ll drive back to your respective hotel.

    Overnight in Kathmandu

  • Day 3-Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

    Early morning eat breakfast at the hotel and drive to TIA domestic terminal to catch a flight to Nepalgunj. Then from the airport to Bardia National Park you’ll drive by road transport. We will give you a briefing about the activities you will be involved in starting the next day when you arrive at a resort in the Bardia National Park. You will walk around Tharu village in the evening. They are regarded as the original inhabitants of this region.

    Overnight in Hotel in Bardiya 

  • Day 4-Explore Bardia National Park

    Early in the morning, get up, and eat breakfast. After that, spend the entire day engaging in adventurous activities. a superb opportunity to see wild wildlife, including small mammals and birds, in their natural habitat. Our trained naturalists and animal trackers will be waiting for us in a tower along with inconspicuous outdoor sightseeing (Machan).

    A half-day will be spent tracking tigers and watching birds. A superb opportunity to see a Royal Bengal Tiger and a large variety of bird species is offered by Bardia National Park. There will be a packed meal for lunch. There are many wonderful photo options.

    Overnight in Hotel in Bardiya National Park

  • Day 5-Bardia; Jeep Safari, Canoeing, and Elephant riding

    After breakfast, you’ll take part in adventurous activities like riding elephants, canoeing, and seeing the crocodile breeding facility near the park’s entrance.

    Bardia National Park’s dense forest can be explored on a Jeep Safari. Several more exotic animals as well as the Royal Bengal tiger will be there. Several little animals that live in Bardia’s ecosystem will also be visible. You will be given a packed lunch to eat in the jungle throughout the safari so you can connect with nature.

    Overnight at Hotel in Bardiya National Park

  • Day 6- Rafting at Karnali)

    On this day, you’ll engage in rafting at Karnali river which is famous for whiter water rafting. After breakfast, you’ll depart from the hotel. The whole day you’ll engage in rafting. The Karnali River is the largest and longest in Nepal, flowing from Tibet’s Mt. Kailash. Rafting on the Karnali River has grown in popularity among thrill-seekers in Nepal. The quick river surge has spurred the increase in tourism to this location, which is in Nepal’s isolated far western area.

    Overnight in Hotel in Bardiya National Park

  • Day 7-Drive from Bardia to kalikot

    Following breakfast, you’ll depart from Bardia after having breakfast. The hills of the Surkhet district quickly take the place of the Terai’s flat scenery. The difficult mountain roads start after the Surkhet valley. Beautiful scenery is passing by as we make our way to Dungeswar, where the Karnali River bends from the north to the west. The largest river in Nepal with its magnificent white beaches, the impressively fast-flowing Karnali River, is something you’ll enjoy traveling along.

    Overnight at lodge in Kalikot.

  • Day 8-Kalikot to Rara lake via Sinja valley and Nagma

    The trip today begins early with a relaxing ride through the Sinja valley toward Nagma valley. The scenery is lovely, and there are various domestic animals and flowers to see along the way. Once you have traversed the Nagma valley, your off-road experience will begin. All the way up, it is now off-road only. The 4-hour off-road journey is thrilling. You will be traveling next to the enormous Karnali river. Some turns are tense and frightening. It is an interesting sensation to ride along the river’s edge in Karnali.

    The jeep only travels up to this point. You must also climb for 30 minutes through thick woodlands and forests. You will eventually reach a place from which you can glimpse the stunning Rara lake after around 30 minutes of climbing. You’ll quickly forget how worn out you were after this journey. The view is magnificent.

    Overnight in lodge

  • Day 9-Rara lake explore

    You will be awakened the next morning by the sound of chirping birds after a restful night’s sleep. The stillness of the glorious morning will make you aware of Mother Nature’s vastness. You will remember the sound of the waves smashing along the banks, the pine forest whistling, and the birds tweeting for a very long time.

    You can engage in a wide variety of activities at Rara. You can ride horses in the evening and go boating in the morning. You can explore several routes all day long in the national park, which takes you through a mountainous forest. Sitting along the riverbank and doing nothing is another peaceful and soothing option. You may also take a horseback ride or go on a stroll to the Murma viewpoint for a breathtaking view of Rara Lake and the surrounding mountains.

    Overnight in Hotel/lodge

  • Day 10-Rara to Kalikot

    It has been a thrilling day at Rara, but it is time to leave. After having breakfast you’ll leave Rara lake. Your Jeep will be waiting for you at the destination after a short hike. And you’ll travel using the same route to Kalikot.

    Overnight in Hotel/Lodge

  • Day 11-Kalikot to Surkhet

    After breakfast, you’ll drive to Surkhet on the overland journey.

    Overnight in Surkhet Hotel. 

  • Day 12-Flight back to Kathmandu

    On this day, you’ll be back in Kathmandu. Following breakfast at the hotel, you’ll drive to Surkhet airport to catch a flight to Kathmandu. Once you arrive in Kathmandu, you’ll escort to your hotel.

    Overnight in Hotel in Kathmandu 

  • Day 13-Free day in Kathmandu

    You will tour several areas of the Kathmandu Valley after breakfast. In Kathmandu, you may shop and tour the remaining historical landmarksm

    Overnight in Hotel in Kathmandu 

  • Day 14-Final Departure

    This is your final day in Nepal. According to your flight schedule, our representative drops off you at the airport.

Essential info:

Food Service on West Nepal Tour Package

During the West Nepal tour, you can enjoy delicious cuisine which includes Nepali, Indian, continental, and Chinese cuisines prepared by talented chefs and spiced with organic ingredients. We take you to fine eateries that have a calm environment and stunning views of the surroundings.
In rural areas of West Nepal, you can enjoy authentic Nepali cuisine that includes Daal-Bhat. People from the Tharu community live in the terai region of Nepal. Hence, you can eat traditional Tharu fare including fish, crab, snails, wild mushrooms, Dhikri, Pakuwa, Bagiya, and many more. The locals cook these foods while keeping cleanliness.

Transportation Service on West Nepal Tour Package 

Vehicle Nepal gives the best transport service for West Nepal tour packages by Land and air.

By flight

We are an authorized travel sales agent of domestic and international flight booking systems. From Kathmandu, you’ll catch a flight to Nepalgunj Airport the only domestic airport located near Bardia National Park.  Similarly, while coming back to Kathmandu flight is available from Surkhet airport.

By Land

Vehicle Nepal arranges land transportation for the West Nepal tour.  We provide a 4WD jeep for this trip as it is comfortable during the off-road journey. As per your group, we can manage vehicles for you.


In West Nepal, you’ll explore famous destinations: Bardia National Park and Rara National Park/lake. Along with these places you can observe endanger flora and fauna. Explore the lifestyle, culture, tradition, foods, and ethnic groups of that places.

The cost for the West Nepal tour package depends upon the itinerary and the service you want. It varied according to accommodation, accessibility, and amenities that you used during this trip.

It’s not compulsory to hire a guide during the Kathmandu city tour. But it’s better to hire a guide who has full knowledge about history, culture, tradition, lifestyle, and places.

It’s not mandatory to get travel insurance for a trip to West Nepal tour. Travel insurance is recommended but not required for the West Nepal tour. On the worst day, anything can go wrong. So, you can also insure against that. Yet up to this point, there haven’t been any such accidents, and we hope there won’t be in the future either.

Though It’s not compulsory to hire a guide during the Bardia National Park tour and Rara National Park, highly recommend hiring a knowledgeable and professional guide who makes your trip more informative and secure during the wildlife tour.

Elephant riding, Canoeing, Jeep Safari, Bird watching, Tharu Culture show, Fishing, Boating, Hiking, and Nature walking are the activities available on the West Nepal tour package.

Bardia National Park is home to endangered species like One-horn Rhino, the Royal Bengal tiger, and Ghariyal. You’ll encounter the Royal Bengal tiger more here. You will experience a completely new forest vibe from it, from the elephant feeding to the jungle safari.

A wide range of accommodations is available during the West tour package. You’ll be accommodated in a deluxe to a luxurious hotel and also a budget hotel as per your preference. In rural areas, you’ll be accommodated in a teahouse.

One can access West Nepal by land and flight. By domestic flight, go to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Then overland journey starts towards Bardia National Park-Kalikot-Rara National Park-Kalikot-Surkhet.

The Royal Bengal tiger, wild elephant, bigger one-horned rhinoceros, swamp deer, and black buck are among the endangered species that call the park home. The Gangetic dolphin and the gharial and marsh mugger crocodile are among the other endangered species which are the special features of Bardia National Park.

This is a list of the main plant types found in the park: Sal Around 70% of the park’s territory is covered in the Shorea Robusta forest, which thrives on well-drained uplands. These plants are frequently found in this vegetation type: S. robusta, Terminalia sp., Buchanania latifolia, Careya arborea, and Dilenia pentagyna.

Rara lake is the deepest lake in Nepal with a 167m depth.

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